The second season of the TV anime ‘Fictitious Reasoning’ will be broadcast in October. Aoi Yuki & Makoto Furukawa will cast a new cast.

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The broadcasting of the TV anime “Fictitious Reasoning Season 2” has been decided from October this year. In addition to the release of the first key visual, Aoi Yuki as Yuki Onna and Makoto Furukawa as Masayuki Muroi have been announced as additional characters for the new season.

The visual work is a girl, Kotoko Iwanaga, who has become the god of the wisdom of “mysteries” and solves the troubles that “mysteries” send every day. (Akari Kito) is a story about a man who fell in love with him at first glance and is afraid of even “mystery”, Kuro Sakuragawa (Mamoru Miyano and the mysterious incident caused by “mystery”.

A ghost who lives in. Normally, he wears a kimono and looks like a snowgirl, but sometimes he wears clothes and pretends to be a person and walks in the village. Save his life. Eleven years later, he accidentally resumes with Masayuki, who has moved, and after that, he goes in and out of the house that Masayuki rented on the outskirts of the town.

Beautiful, cold, and scary … That’s the image, but Yuki Onna in “Fictitious Reasoning” is playful, curious, and kind … The body is an adult older sister, but the innocent heart is adorable. I wish her innocence were adequately put on it. “

On the other hand, Muroi, who plays Furukawa, is a healthy 32-year-old who distrust human beings. Eleven years ago, he was killed by his best friend in the snowy mountains. When I made a call, I happened to be helped by Yuki Onna. I started a business after graduating from university, got married at the age of 29, and lived a fulfilling life with smooth sailing, but my wife made me a mistress and divorced. Ai is forced to take up the post of president. After that, I cleaned up as much as I could and moved to the foot of the mountain, where I met Yuki Onna.

Furukawa says, “The bad eyesight, the gentle personality, and the remarkable misfortune … If the work is different, it has the specs like the main character of a harem, but this work is not. The future of Masayuki, who has lived a turbulent life. Fortunately! I will do my best to express his various feelings. “

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