Yoshihiro Togashi’s ‘YuYu Hakusho’ 4 couples who were interested after that Anime original love depiction.!?

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Yoshihiro Togashi’s popular manga “Yuyu Hakusho” was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha) from 1990 to 1994. Although it was a work about 30 years ago, it is still trendy, and it has been announced that it will be made into a live-action drama on Netflix from December 2023.

The same work in which many attractive characters appear, centred on the main character, Yusuke Urameshi. Men and women have developed a relationship of mutual love, such as Yusuke and his childhood friend Yusuke Yukimura. So, this time, I would like to introduce a couple who somehow feels a romantic relationship, although there was no clear description.

Kuwahara and Yukina
Yukina, a youkai called “Ice Woman”, is the twin sister of Hiei. The relationship between the two begins when Kuwahara unilaterally falls in love with her at first sight when she sees her footage that was confined to Tatekin Gonzo.

Kuwahara attacked the Shide House with Yusuke and rescued Yukina brilliantly. At this time, Kuwahara apologized to her for being terrified by a guess human-like her side. In response to Kuwahara’s sorrowful words, “Don’t hate all humans,” Yukina replied, “It’s okay …! I … I like humans (you).”

Since she doesn’t understand romance well, Yukina shouldn’t have a deeper meaning than words at this point, but after that, the sense of distance between Yukina and Kuwahara will surely get closer.

Yukina, who visited the Dark Martial Arts Association venue, said, “Washing who helped me,” and it can be seen that she is focusing on Kuwahara, not Yusuke, who rescued her together. Also, it is rare for a person other than relatives to call Kuwahara by the name below.

Kuwahara won overwhelmingly when he noticed that Yukina was coming to the venue in the battle with the “Magic Master Team” of the Dark Martial Arts Association. After the match, Yukina is surprised that her wounds in Kuwahara are getting closed. She further said she was worried that her body temperature was rising … “and Kuwahara replied,” It’s the power of love. ” It sounds like a straightforward confession of love, but Yukina replied with a smile, “That’s right (I don’t know),” with a smiley exchange.

Because it was such a love-oriented Yukina, no concrete description developed into love, but finally, Yukina was a homestay at Kuwahara’s home. It was drawn in a friendly atmosphere of the whole family, and there was also a depiction of Kuwahara and Yukina visiting a ramen shop of Yusuke alone. It seemed that the relationship between the two was deepening to some extent.

Genkai and Toguro Brother
Genkai and Toguro’s younger brother had a deeper relationship than the ones they fought with in the past. For example, in a flashback scene when he was young, Genkai told his more youthful brother Toguro, who was afraid of his physical decline and suffered, “If you get older, I will get older.” “That’s okay.” I’m returning.

Behind these words, it seems that Genkai’s desire to grow older together in the future is summarized, and I felt the will to live while working hard. However, the reality is not so, and Toguro chooses to become a youkai, and only Genkai gets older.

Before the final match of the Dark Martial Arts Association, Genkai and Toguro brothers faced the final battle. The words that killed the old and declining Genkai and ridiculed his death in front of Yusuke, the successor to Reiko Hadouken, would not be the true intention of his younger brother Toguro. This can be seen from the fact that he did not kill Kuwahara in the final and that he told Koemma to preserve the corpse of Genkai to revitalize him carefully.

And in the afterlife, Genkai and Toguro reunited in their old form. Toguro’s brother wanted to go to the harshest dark world in hell. Genkai, who was waiting on the road leading to it, discouraged Toguro’s decision, but his thoughts did not change. To Genkai, who said, “It’s a big deal, your idiot,” and “I shouldn’t die,” Toguro, who took off his sunglasses, said, “I just took care of him”.

The gentle expression of Toguro’s younger brother at that time and the lonely expression of Genkai, who saw off his back, seemed to tell the special relationship between the two. Is it impossible to meet again in the spirit world?

Body and Hiei
Whether it develops into a love affair, the two people who are worried about it after that are one of the three great youkai of the demon world, Mukuro (* different from the original Mukuro kanji. In this article, it is written as Mukuro) and Hiei. The relationship is mentioned.

The body that scouted Hiei to his camp in the Makai edition. He seemed to like Hiei clearly, and there was a scene where he was jealous of the beautiful friendship between Yusuke and Hiei. In addition, when Hiei digs into the tragic past of her body and is beaten by her, Kurama sometimes asks, “Are you a fool?”

Hiei, who captured the criminal father, the filthy emperor, who is the body’s trauma, is presented to the body with the lines of “chop as much as you like” and “kill if you feel like it”. I was pretty surprised at the scene where Hiei, who seemed indifferent to others, showed an intelligent measure to the body.

Shizuru and Sakyo
The last thing I would like to introduce is the relationship between Kuwahara’s older sister, Shizuru, and Sakyo, the Toguro team’s owner at the Dark Martial Arts Association. There was little contact in the manga, but the anime version features a special relationship.

During the play, Sakyo often helped the predicament of static currents. And when Toguro’s younger brother is defeated in the 65th episode, “Ambition that disappears with the arena”, Sakyo presses the timer switch that blows up the dark dome that is the venue.

After that, when Sakyo tells Koemma that his dream has disappeared, a still stream appears there. Sakyo, who noticed her existence, throws away her favourite lighter and is caught up in the collapse of the venue with a gentle smile. He said goodbye to Shizuru, who shed tears and shouted Sakyo’s name.

This anime’s original scene is not in the original manga, so there may be pros and cons. Narratively, it’s unavoidable that they don’t have an “after”, but I wanted to see the relationship between the two a little more.

In addition to this, some couples are interested, including “Yusuke’s parents,” “Suzukoma and Ryuishi,” and “Sake and jujube.” The feature of “YuYu Hakusho” is that there is no straightforward story about the love situation, which may have given the reader room to imagine “afterwards.”

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