The sequel to ‘The Duke of Death and Death’ will be broadcast for free on ABEMA, the second season of the TV anime series in 2011.

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It turned out that the sequel to the TV anime “The Duke of Death and Death” will be broadcast in 2023 as the second season. In September last year, the production of a sequel was announced after the final broadcast of the first period.

This work is based on a romantic comedy manga by Mr. Inoue, who has a cumulative circulation of over 1.5 million. It depicts the pure love of a noble boy (CV: Natsuki Hanae) and his maid Alice (Ayumi Mano), who are cursed to kill everything they touch. The original manga will be completed with the update of “Sunday Webry” on May 17.

To commemorate the completion of the original work and the production of the second season of TV animation, the first season of TV animation will be distributed free of charge on ABEMA Anime Channel 2 for a week from 9 am on May 17.

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