Netmarble’s meta-idol group ‘Maeve’ emerging as a new icon of K-pop

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The idol group ‘Maybe’ produced by Metaverse Entertainment, a subsidiary of Netmarble F&C, is emerging as a new icon of K-pop.

Maeve is an idol group of four virtual humans: Siu, Jenna, Tyra, and Marty. The music video for the title song “Pandora,” released in January, has surpassed 15 million views and received more than 14,000 comments on the music video. The members’ dance challenge video posted on Maeve’s Instagram exceeded 2 million views in one day.

On January 28, the MBC music program ‘Show! The debut stage of ‘Show! Music Core’ also recorded a high number of views of over 2.8 million views. ‘Show! The second stage of ‘Show! Music Core’ also drew a lot of attention. For the stage, Metaverse Entertainment has been collaborating with MBC for several months to prepare and produce appearances on music shows. The choreography team Freemind, who was in charge of choreography for Ive and IZ*ONE, participated in the performance.

Includes a dance song with a worldview to regain hope in the world

Maeve is a group created by combining Netmarble F&C’s AI and virtual human production technology with Kakao Entertainment’s music artist planning and production capabilities. With the world view that four children from the future, in search of emotional freedom, made an emergency landing on Earth in 2023, they are unraveling the story through their first album, ‘ Pandoras Box.’

The album Pandoras Box’ contains ‘Pandora’ and ‘Wonderland.’ The title song ‘Pandora’ is an intense trap-style dance song that includes a worldview that will open Pandora’s box in a future world where emotions are lost and regain hope in the world. ‘Wonderland’ is a song that informs the misery of the future world, ‘Edipia,’ which they came from, in line with member Siwoo’s point of view.

Maeve Music worked with K-pop experts. The album was worked with Max Song and Kyler Nico, who made hit songs for Seventeen, Red Velvet, and Monsta X. The music video was directed by Production Flip Evil, who worked on IU’s ‘Lilac,’ EXO Kai’s ‘Um,’ and Espa’s ‘Dreams Come True.’

The voice message of the members released before the official release played a part in eliciting a quick response from overseas fans. With the setting of each member making an emergency landing in Korea, the United States, France, and Indonesia, they expressed their feelings when they arrived on Earth in the language of each region, drawing curiosity from overseas fans.

Kakao Entertainment also produced a webtoon to solidify Maeve’s worldview. The webtoon’ MAVE: Another World’, published simultaneously on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon, is a multiverse story based on the world view of Maeve. It tells the story of the members crash-landing in Korea, participating in an idol audition, and growing into a gorgeous idol girl group and warriors who change the future.

An official from Metaverse Entertainment said, “We have differentiated technology through developing our software to produce virtual humans. One of the results of a lot of R&D was Maeve so that natural actions such as 800-minute facial expressions can come out in real-time,” he said. “We want to show various activities on various platforms, including music broadcasting activities.”

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