What if you produced “Edokko” with modern knowledge? “Fashionable” video finally released!

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Toei Animation’s new IP research and development team “PEROs” and a young producer of Sotsu will jointly develop an original IP original project pilot film “Shareduru” on October 25, 2021. They are published on the official YouTube channel.

“Fashionable” is “Edo x,” in which a man from Reiwa produces “Edokko” with the knowledge of modern idols, with the keyword “In such a world, screaming !!!!” It’s a considerable entertainment activity of “idol.”

The main characters produce six girls: a teahouse daughter, a samurai daughter, a Dutch trading house daughter, a merchant daughter, Oiran, and Kunoichi. Are they the first in Japan and the first in the world to live different lives? As “idols,” Kansei’s Oedo is involved in the turmoil.

A gorgeous live scene by “Edo girls” wearing Japanese-style idol costumes while the glittering lanterns are shining, and “NEO Edo” that combines “Kansei’s Edo culture” and “Reiwa’s idol culture” The highlight is the innovative visual expression of. “

The kimono is remade into stage costumes, and light sticks are made from lanterns, making full use of Edo’s “things.”

The name of the main character is undecided, and the voice actor is undecided. In the future, the company plans to aim for “co-creation” with the fans while receiving the fans’ reactions from the settings, video, and music.

Please feel free to send us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section of YouTube, such as “I like this character’s name!”, “I want this character to speak to me!”, And “Why don’t you do this more?”

Also, on the official Twitter account that is disseminating work information, the inside story of the work product will be released today.

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