‘The Witch of Mercury’ The mysterious episode 25 became a trend in Los Angeles.

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The final episode (episode 24) of the TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch” was broadcast on the 2nd of last week. However, even after the final episode, perhaps due to the influence of Ross from “The Witch of Mercury,” the non-existent “Witch of Mercury Chapter 25” became a hot topic on Twitter.

“Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury,” which began broadcasting in October 2022, is many companies expanding into space. The stage is the era of building an economic zone.

The main character is Sleta Mercury, a girl transferred from Mercury’s remote land to “Asticasia College of Technology” operated by the largest mobile suit industry, “Benefit Group.” A story in which she walks into a new world one step at a time, lighting a bright red light in her innocent heart. The final episode will be held in July 2023.

The story has ended, but due to the impact of the continuing loss of “The Witch of Mercury” on the 9th, the first week since the final episode aired, after 5:00 pm, “Mercury Witch Episode 25” was trending on Twitter. Enter.

With the non-existent 25th episode trending, people on the Internet said, “The 25th episode of the Witch of Mercury collective hallucination time!” It was the episode.” “Episode 25 of the Witch of Mercury was the best wedding episode of Sleta and Miorine, on par with successive Gundams.” “Senpai Guell! Episode 25 has become a trend!”

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