Daniel Kaluuya for Purple Tyrannosaurus ‘Bernie’ Movie

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Mattel Films is making a movie about the purple tyrannosaurus” Bernie, “known for the popular animation program “Barney & Friends.” According to Deadline, the film will be starred and produced by Daniel Kaluuya (“NOPE” and “Get Out”).

Mattel’s Kevin McKeon, who responded to an interview with the New Yorker magazine in conjunction with the release of the new “Barbie,” said that the movie version of “Bernie” has a world view like the A24 work, like Charlie Kaufman and Spike Jonze’s movies. He said it would be surreal. “Instead of tweaking it for kids, I’m trying to dig into the anxieties of millennials. It’s a full-grown-up show. It’s not R-rated, but the generation that grew up with Barney is waking up from their illusions and into their 30s. “It will focus on the anguish and trials you are going through as a child,” McKeon said.

The new work “Barbie,” directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is a dream-like world colored in pink, where Barbie spends her happy days and goes to the human world with her boyfriend, Ken. He starts a journey and wakes up to his true self despite encountering unexpected troubles. She was released in Japan on August 11th.

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