Theatrical version ‘Mononoke’ postponed release and announcement of Takahiro Sakurai’s withdrawal from the role of medicine seller Explanation from the viewpoint of ‘workability.’

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The official website and Twitter of the movie version ” Mononokei ” were updated on February 28, announcing the postponement of the release and the cast change.

In the same work, Takahiro Sakurai was scheduled to appear As the primary character drug seller. Takahiro Sakurai’s movie version of “Mononoke,” which has changed cast, was released in Fuji TV’s ” Noitamina” in July 2007. One of the 15th-anniversary projects of the TV anime “Mononoke” broadcasted in the frame and others.

The production was announced at an event on June 18, 2022, and a special video featuring Sakurai’s new voice was released. Twin Engine, which is involved in the production, has announced that it will postpone the release date of the movie version of “Mononokei” from 2023, which was initially scheduled and apologized.

The stage of the work is Ooku, and he explained that he decided to change the cast of the medicine seller from the viewpoint of “a work that tries to depict the suffering and relief of women.” The release date after the postponement and the new cast will be announced around the summer of 2023.

In addition, “Ubugoe,” which was conducting a crowdfunding project to support the production of the movie version, announced that it would accept refunds. Due to Sakurai’s departure, supporters who felt “I can’t support you with my initial feelings” were considered.

Along with the delay in the return gift due to the postponement of the release, the refund details will be announced in the message function of the same site. And Regarding Sakurai, it was reported in October 2022 that she had an affair with someone related to her work, and she apologized the following month. In January 2023, her relationship trouble with another woman became news, and her agency apologized for explaining the circumstances of the problem to the other woman.

In response to the news, Mr. Sakurai left the radio program where he was a personality. Also, on February 15, her new animation “AYAKA -Ayaka-” production committee announced on the official website that due to “various circumstances,” the cast of Kurama Shunju, which was scheduled to be played by Mr. Sakurai, will be changed.

On the official Twitter account of the same work, “Ahh… No, it can’t be helped considering the content”, “I think the new cast will be under pressure, but I want them to do their best. It’s just a shock…” I don’t condone what the voice actors did, but I can’t watch it anymore. It’s a pity.” various impressions have been sent to the board.

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