Chapter 133:’Pokémon’ Mew’s search is in full swing. Gou & Shigeru and others are in a pinch without starting the monster ball

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The scene cut and synopsis of episode 133 of the popular anime “Pocket Monsters” (official abbreviation: Anipoke, TV Tokyo, every Friday after 6:55) has been released.

In episode 133, “Project Mew,” at the same time as Satoshi’s final, Go is heading to “End of the World” to search for Mew. Gou, Shigeru, Tokio, Tsurugi, and Asahi landed on the island, but communication with Dr. Hodaka in the lab was cut off, and the Poké Ball stopped working… In a pinch of a desperate situation, the fate of Go and others who continue searching to meet Mew is…!?

The currently airing anime “Pokémon” is the 7th in the series. So far, all the regions that have appeared are the stage, and various Pokemon that inhabit each area also appear. The story of W’s main characters Satoshi and Go, adventures in different places with their partner Pikachu.

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