There are also voices of “contents are ugly” and “deceived” in the gap with the main part of the “OP fraud” animation

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The animation’s opening (OP) video is an essential element that decorates the beginning of the work and influences the viewer’s impression. Still, some works are called “OP fraud” because the contents of the OP and the central part do not match. ..

For example, the anime “Grand Blue” broadcast from July 2018 is one of the works called OP fraud. Based on the comic of the same name, which boasts a cumulative total of more than 5.55 million copies worldwide, a live-action movie starring Ryo Ryusei was released in August 2020.

What exactly is this “Grand Blue”? In a word, youth graffiti unfolds in a university diving circle. In the OP video in question, refreshing scenes such as the blue sea and the fantastic underwater are projected.

Looking at the main story, it is an undressing gag anime full of alcohol and crappy laughter. Diving is no longer a bonus, and more of the main characters are drowning in alcohol than in the beautiful sea.

There are other OP fraudulent animations. “Asobi Asobase” is a daily anime depicting three junior high school girls in the “Playboy Study Group.” The OP video depicts Olivia, a beautiful blonde girl, Kasumi, a girl with glasses, and Hanako, a girl with pigtails. ..

However, contrary to the neat image of the OP video, what is unfolded in the main story is an on-parade of facial art by beautiful girls. In addition, each of the three characters has a strong habit, and although she is a beautiful girl, her armpits are stinking. Even though she has an honor student face, her academic ability test scores are devastating. Even on the internet, there are responses such as “OP is so cute, but www” and “It looks like a neat and clean anime, and the contents are completely closed to” Bobobo-bo-bo-bo-bo “(laughs).”

Also, the anime “Shadow Star” based on Mohiro Kitoh’s original work is not defeated in terms of impact. Many people may be confused by the cute sound of “Shadow Star,” but in fact, this title is an abbreviation for the ominous-sounding word “Shadow Star” (coined by the author).

When you look at it, the content of the central part contains fierce expressions for the OP video made in pop. However, if you look closely at the OP, some elements are reminiscent of a deep dark story, so if you are interested, please take a look.

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