This notice & poster visual show testified by 17 people involved in the ‘Movie Odd Taxi’ case

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This movie version reconstructs the TV animation “Odd Taxi” broadcast in 2021 and draws after the final episode. In the TV anime version, full-fledged mystery suspense is developed. Each thought centered on the disappearance of a girl is intricately intertwined with the cute visuals of the characters in the shape of animals. The final episode of the shock that recovered the hints from the beginning attracted much attention, such as entering the Twitter trend after the broadcast.

This notice is testified by 17 people involved in the case involving the main character, taxi driver Otogawa (CV: Natsuki Hanae). “It’s weird since long ago, and he’s a sarcastic guy who hates others.” “I put it on. A high school girl in Nerima.” “Why does a taxi driver need to go that far?”, While reconstructing the TV anime version, you can see that it is drawn from an entirely new perspective.

The Mubichike Card, released on February 4, comes with an A4 explicit poster as a bonus (it will end as soon as the bonus is gone). In addition, the Mubichike advance ticket (online), which will be released at a later date, can be downloaded as a purchaser privilege with three types of virtual background wallpapers that can be used in conference apps such as ZOOM. Both are priced at 1500 yen (tax included).

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