Three selections of anime whose final episode was too tight Pros and cons of the shocking last ‘Eh, and this is the end.?’

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Viewers are noisy at the end. “However, in the final episode, you are no good.”

An anime had an excellent reputation until the middle of the game, but at the end of the game, it stalled and became controversial.

There are also animations in which the evaluation of the entire work has changed due to the content of the final episode, such as leading to a wrong end or leaving viewers behind due to too rapid development.

I will introduce three words in this article: “The final episode is too tight.” Even on SNS, it has a good reputation as “very … I feel crazy” and “why did that happen?”

This article includes spoilers about the final episodes of “Chrono Crusade,” “Kuma Miko,” and “Rewrite.”

“Chrono Crusade” (broadcast from November 2003)

The stage is New York, USA, just after the end of World War I. While achieving rapid economic development, various invisible mysteries, or “devils,” were about to enter from outside the United States.

To get rid of such demons, Rosette Christopher (CV: Tomoko Kawakami), a sister of the Magdara monastic order specializing in demon extermination, was struggling with her daily attendant Chrono (CV: Akira Ishida). One day, the rosettes who received her request go to a cargo ship that was hijacked by a monster.

“Chrono Crusade” is an anime based on manga of the same name (written by Daisuke Moriyama / Kadokawa Shoten). This work is a famous work that has also been made into a novel and drama CD. Rosette and Chrono search for Rosette’s younger brother, Joshua (CV: Junko Minagawa), but they have a harsh fate.

In the final episode, the world is depicted where the battle with the nemesis demon Aeon (CV: Kazuhiko Inoue) is won, and the momentary peace is restored. Rosette and Chrono, who had disappeared, are also found, but they have reached the end calmly, although they are scared of the impending death period based on the contract.

At the same time, the New York Stock Exchange also faced an unprecedented crash, and the times were extremely confused. Besides, in the crowd was the figure of Aeon, the nemesis who should have defeated him. The final episode ended with a desperate epilogue, which was the last of the pros and cons. The difference in settings and later from the original may be one of the factors that became a hot topic. This work can be seen at “d Anime Store,” “U-NEXT,” “Bandai Channel,” etc.

“Kuma Miko” (broadcast from April 2016)

Ameyado Machi (Amayadori Machi / CV: Natsumi Hioka) is a junior high school student living in the Tohoku region’s mountains and longs for the city. She serves as a shrine maiden at the Kumaide Shrine, a shrine dedicated to bears, and she grew up with her guardian (?) Natsu Kumai (Kumai Natsu / CV: Hiroki Yasumoto) from an early age. rice field.

One day she says she wants to go to an urban school. However, Natsu is worried about the naive town and is very opposed. In a city where she doesn’t give up “I want to see the wide world,” Natsu gives an “Urban kid quiz” that asks for the knowledge necessary to live in the city.

“Kuma Miko” is an anime based on manga of the same name (written by Masume Yoshimoto / KADOKAWA). This slow-life comedy spells out the days when a girl and a bear live in harmony in the mountains. It is a town that has been struggling to go to an urban school, but the final episode will have a shocking ending.

In the final episode, the town will collapse due to the local idol contest in which it participated. He exploded his paranoia, saying, “I was thrown a stone” and “I was also called a redneck,” and gave up attending a high school in the city.

In contrast to the sick town, Natsu was overjoyed, saying, “You don’t have to think about difficult things anymore.” After that, Yoshio Ameyado (Amayadori Yoshio / CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu), a staff member of the government office, said, “I will appeal more to the village-I will make it the best village in Japan!” The original author, Mr. Yoshimoto, also made a temporary complaint about the final development, which seems to sacrifice the town. This work can be seen at “d Anime Store,” “U-NEXT,” “Bandai Channel,” etc.

“Rewrite” (broadcast from July 2016)

Tennouji Kotaro (CV: Masakazu Morita), a high school student who spends ordinary days, had a mysterious dream. A girl, Kagari (CV: Kana Hanazawa), walks around the night town dominated by plants and arrives under a tree. Kotaro talks to the sword, but suddenly the ribbon of the blade pierces his heart, and he wakes up in a surprising place. From that day on, Kotaro is often attacked by a sword.

On the other hand, during the daytime, Kotaro enjoys his everyday student life with his childhood friends Kobe Kotori (Kanbe Kotori / CV: Chiwa Saito) and Otori Chihaya (Otori Chihaya / CV: Saya Shinomiya). From a particular moment, he joined the occult study group and began investigating the paranormal phenomena in the green city of Kazematsuri.

“Rewrite” is an anime based on the romance game of the same name produced by the game brand “Key.” In a city with the ideal coexistence of civilization and greenery, extraordinary events occur. As we approached the final stage, various facts became apparent, and in the last episode, the astonishing development caused controversy.

Kotaro and his friends have fought against various opponents to protect the sword that is targeted by each power as the “key” that is the incarnation of the star. However, in the final episode, the power of the “key” of the sword is forcibly activated by the “song of destruction.” As his friends exhausted one after another, Kotaro hugged the sword asking him to “kill,” and was swallowed by a colossal tree together.

This work has reached the lousy end that all human beings will die due to the “song of destruction” and the main characters, including the main character. Although the continuation was drawn in the second period, the catchphrase was optimistic, “… I’ll try again, and I’ll do it well next time.” This work can be seen at “d Anime Store,” “U-NEXT,” “Amazon Prime Video,” etc.

If the final episode is “tight,” the aftertaste of the work tends to be bitter. However, it may leave an impression on you or become a hot topic in anime. If you want to enjoy the final episode of “Kitsusa,” please look at the first episode.

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