Don’t get off the DB character R Fujimoto isn’t just an idiot. It’s a particular existence.

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“Shueisha, Bandai, Toei Animation, please miss a little more!” (R Fujimoto / Fuji TV “Chihara Junior’s Zao New Year SP” broadcast on January 2)

R Fujimoto (40) is the second-best performer after Nishida, the laughing rice of the absolute champion called “Oni,” in “Zaou,” who confronts various themes such as “Daikiri,” “Gag,” and “Impersonation.” )is. This week, I would like to take up the line that he said in the title of “Dogeza,” known for the possession impersonation of the popular character “Vegeta” in the “Dragon Ball” series.

Originally, Fujimoto became a comedian because he participated in “R-1 Grand Prix” (Fuji TV) while working for a company. The organizer of the amateur laughter lives who saw it offered to appear. He eventually quit the company while playing like “grass baseball only on weekends.”

At that time, he was doing the story of Uncle Jam of “Anpanman.” However, Fujimoto, who felt that he had no future, became Vegeta because he was wearing a mask. The reason was that I didn’t have a body or a lid because I knew about the release of cosplay costumes, but this was unexpectedly exciting.

When he was a junior high and high school student, Fujimoto spent a “dark era” so much that he thought, “I hope tomorrow does not come.” He clashed with his harsh father at the doctor, and his relationship with his parents was broken, resulting in poor school life. He was within the high school, but his father forced him to enter the dormitory.

“I closed my heart. I gave up on a lot of things. That’s why I didn’t even think about making friends. I couldn’t even imagine myself becoming an adult, let alone romance. I’m sure I’ll die somewhere. I thought “(Yahoo! News Special” August 15, 2008)

Fujimoto, who looks back on those days, was drawn to Vegeta because he had a “losing aesthetic.”

“I thought it was funny and funny to keep trying and losing all the time.” (Same as above)

As Fujimoto describes his impersonation as “personality rather than impersonation” (May 2, 2011) in his official blog, he never gets off Vegeta even in everyday talk scenes and continues to impersonate. Ing. That’s because he thought he was Vegeta if he was a viewer, but he didn’t like him when he came out.

The “DB (Dragon Ball) entertainer” led by him continued to increase, and the “Gekidan Animeza DB Super” held by Fujimoto in 2017 was overcrowded. In 2020, “Shin Gekidan Animeza DB” was held six times, and 2400 seats were sold out.

In addition, he continues to perform well in the “Zaou,” forcing him to admit that he is more than just an illusion.

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