‘TIGER & BUNNY’ new work, Netflix will start distributing 4/8 next year Teaser PV lifted.

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The teaser PV of the new series “TIGER & BUNNY 2” of the popular anime “TIGER & BUNNY” (abbreviation: Taibani) has been released. It has been decided that Part 1 (episodes 1 to 13) of the Netflix series will be exclusively distributed worldwide from April 8, 2022. It will be a completely new story that depicts the world after the second movie version, “Tiger & Bunny -The Rising-” released in February 2014.

“TIGER & BUNNY” is a story about the activities of unique heroes who carry the sponsor logo on their backs and protect the city’s peace by special abilities called “NEXT.” The combination of the veteran hero Wild Tiger, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, and the cheeky super rookie Barnaby Brooks Jr. is a “buddy thing” work that depicts playing an active part with other heroes. ..

The TV series (25 episodes in total) was broadcast as an original animation from April to September 2011, and the movie version animation was “Theatrical Version TIGER & BUNNY-The Beginning-” in 2012 and “Theatrical Version TIGER & BUNNY-” in 2014. The Rising-” has been released. As the setting of a hero who plays an active part in supporting a sponsor company, it became a hot topic that a hero who recruited sponsors from an actual company and put the company logo on it appeared in the play.

In “TIGER & BUNNY 2”, Masafumi Nishida (series composition, screenplay, story director) and Masakazu Katsura (character design, hero design), who have been involved in TV animation, theatrical version, and all series, have teamed up again and are new. Draws with director Mitsuko Kase. The main cast will be Hiroaki Hirata as Kaburagi T. Toru and Seiichi Morita as Barnaby Brooks Jr.

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