TV Anime Starts in October Nobunaga Shimazaki to Kosuke Triangle, Wataru Hatano to Masato Coldkawa Later manga

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It has been revealed that the TV anime “The Night Beyond the Window” based on Tomoko Yamashita’s popular horror mystery manga will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS Fuji, and others from October. As a voice actor Nobunaga Shimazaki, Wataru Hatano was also announced that to appear. Mr. Shimazaki will play the main character, Kosuke Triangle, a young man who can see the spirit, and Mr. Hatano will play the ghost teacher, Rihito Coldkawa, who will form a buddy with Triangle. A teaser visual depicting a triangle and Hiekawa and a special report was also released.

“The Night Beyond the Window” is a manga serialized in the manga magazine “Monthly MAGAZINE BE x BOY” (Libre) from March 2013 to December 2020. A mystery horror in which the spiritual master, Masato Coldkawa, becomes a detective buddy and pursues an unsolved case. All ten volumes of comics have been released, and the cumulative circulation is over 1.7 million. It was also talked about that a live-action movie starring actors Masaki Okada and Jun Shison was released in January this year.

Mr. Shimazaki said, “I like the Japanese horror feeling of the original, which is a natural part of everyday life. And I feel that it is a delicious and exciting work as a human drama. I want to do my best to convey a lot. Thank you so much for being so cooperative. “

Mr. Hatano said, “Hiekawa is a talented ghost teacher, but he is an elusive person and has a unique way of communicating. The story starts when he meets Kosuke Triangle, who has a particular constitution that can see spirits. Would you mind paying attention to their uneven combination that does not seem to be established? It is a work packed with horror, mystery, human, various elements! Please take a look! “

To commemorate the TV animation, a manga depicting the last story of “The Night Beyond the Window” will be published for the third consecutive issue from the September issue of “Monthly MAGAZINE BE x BOY,” released on August 6th. I also understood. The original, Mr. Yamashita, said, “I’m most surprised in the world, but it’s an anime. Hiekawa and the Triangle move and talk to each other. Look at that! “. Illustrations drawn by Mr. Yamashita have also been released.\

Staff (honorific title omitted)

Director / Character Design: Yoshitaka Yasuda ▽ Chief Director: Daiji Iwanaga ▽ Series Composition: Ayumi Sekine ▽ Animation Production: Zero-G

Comment from Director Yoshitaka Yasuda

Exorcism, curse, death … It would be greatly appreciated if you could see the world of Tomoko Yamashita. She draws with a gaze that never forgets the kindness to people as an animation image. During the work, I tried to sprinkle some common motifs as an invitation to “curse.” The feeling that a person has for a person is, in other words, a “curse.” Will the encounter with the mysterious young man, Ritsuto Coldkawa, make Kosuke Triangle’s daily lifeless “scary”? Please also pay attention to the attempt to incorporate vivid images into the character’s mental landscape.

Comment from Chief Director Daiji Iwanaga

The original “The Night Beyond the Window” is a beautiful story with many charms, such as unique characters with their cores and delicate emotional depictions. We will do our best to make an excellent film, valuing the original and attractive worldview woven by Professor Tomoko Yamashita. Finally, we hope that each viewer will enjoy the video with free interpretation. Thank you for watching the TV anime “The Night Beyond the Window.”

Comment from Ayumi Sekine of the series composition

It is a great honor to be involved as an anime staff member in the work of Tomoko Yamashita, who has been supporting me as a reader for a long time! Each of Yamashita-sensei’s pieces contains many honest thoughts that cannot be expressed in a single word. Even though I was writing the script for “The Night Beyond the Window” this time, there were many moments when I was reminded that “I am drawing a real human being.”

We are looking forward to the day when we can share the various feelings in the work with the viewers. Thank you for watching the TV anime “The Night Beyond the Window”!

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