Naver affiliates and Toei Animation sign a business agreement to make popular Korean webtoons into anime.

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Studio N, which handles the animation of electronic comics in South Korea, and Toei Animation in Japan, known as the production company of the animated film “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK,” have joined forces to develop the Korean webtoon “Takade.”

A business agreement (MOU) was signed on the 14th for animation. Naver Webtoon, the parent company of Studio N, announced on the 17th.

The two companies plan to target Korea, Japan, and the global market with a ”high hand”.

“Takade” was serialized from 2015 to 2021. It has been translated into Japanese, Chinese, English, etc., and has reached 1.4 billion views worldwide.

Kwon Mi-Kyung, president of Studio N, said, “This partnership will expand the number of global fans of the original work.” On the other hand, it will be an opportunity to strengthen Studio N’s animation business.”

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