‘Tokyo Revengers’ anime version rebroadcast rebroadcasts the impact of the first term, explaining the ‘growth story’ that creates enthusiasm again.

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“Tokyo Revengers” has grown into popular content with the momentum of manga, anime, and live-action movies. The rebroadcast of the first anime phase, which ended in September 2021 with a lot of attention, started in July. Many anime sects would have been surprised at the end of the first period, and those who read the original and knew the future development might have laughed at the reaction. I want to introduce the highlights of “Tokyo Revengers” again for those who have seen the impact of anime and want to look back on it and those who have thought about watching anime reruns for the first time.

First, let’s review the story. 26-year-old Takemichi Hanagaki, who lives as a part-time worker, learns from the news that her only girlfriend in middle school, Hinata Tachibana, died in an accident. On that day, Takemichi was pushed down from the platform of the station by someone, and when he noticed it, he was time-leaping 12 years ago when he was in junior high school. To save Hinata and start over, Takemichi will commit himself to the rivalry over the villainous coalition “Tokyo Revengers.”

One of the big points of this work is that it is timely. Taking a handshake with Hinata’s younger brother Naoto Tachibana, Takemichi struggles to go back to the past to avoid the events that caused Hinata’s death. Then, when one mission is completed, it will return to the current 12 years later and answer how it has changed. By repeating this, Takemichi will change the future little by little.

The cruel thing is that this time leap does not always produce good results. Sometimes the mission hasn’t changed to the future you’ve expected, and sometimes it’s an unexpected and cruel result. How do you change past events? As a result, what kind of future awaits you? If you noticed, you should be drawn into the development that you do not have time to breathe, which is always studded with elements you care about.

The next attraction of “Tokyo Revengers” is that the character’s individuality is rich and attractive. For example, many people have never touched the work but have heard of it, “Mikey,” Mikey Sano. Mikey, who has a small body, big eyes, and medium hair as a pompadour, is the president of Tokyo Revengers. Contrary to its appearance, he is a person who puts together a team with overwhelming charisma, shooting a kick like a nuclear warhead that sinks a big man in one shot. Yet, he also has a childish side that makes him angry if the kids’ lunch isn’t flagged. One of the significant factors that enhances a character’s charm is the gap, but Mikey is exactly the demon of the opening.

And Mikey’s confidant, Vice President Draken, Draken Ryuguji. He is a tall man with long hair and a dragon tattoo on his head. He is robust, but he also has a coherent attitude of not involving unrelated people other than bad people in the conflict, a calmness to organize the team, and reasonable care in taking care of the free-spirited Mikey. And, when these two people are together, the composition of a small Mikey with a stubborn Draken can be pretty impressive if you know the two characters.

In addition, several bad groups, such as Tokyo Revengers, will appear, but they all have unique and strong visual and personality characteristics. And regardless of the enemy or ally, each has its own beliefs. You will indeed find one character you like.

Lastly, I would like to recommend the growth of the main character, Takemichi.

Takemichi, who has been ingrained in losing dog guts since he was spotted by a senior runaway tribe in junior high school and was made into a palace. Even at the beginning of his time leap, he relives his tragic past and throws it out as “my life shit.” However, Takemichi, who reunited with a living Hinata, strongly desires to protect Hinata and start over for the first time. Takemichi, who vowed to revenge in his second life, now confronts the opponent who once turned his back and ran away. And he gradually gains positiveness and strength.

What I would like to pay attention to here is that Takemichi himself has a weak fight. Including Mikey and Draken, strong characters appear in “Tokyo Revengers,” They compete with each other by force to succumb to the opponent and make a hierarchy. Among such defects, Takemichi can be said to be the weakest level. That’s why the appearance of weak Takemichi standing up and eating in front of an opponent who can’t win inspires and moves the people around him. Takemichi, who had been struggling alone in the past world, will gradually acquire friends by maintaining the strength of “not giving up” instead of the power of fighting. His rebirth and his return to the past do not change his essence. However, when my inner self changes, the world changes simultaneously. The appearance of Takemichi that embodies it should be the courage of the viewer beyond the screen. Undoubtedly, that is one of the factors that made “Tokyo Revengers” enthusiastic about the world.

The original manga has finally reached its final chapter, and Takemichi’s revenge is about to end. “Tokyo Revengers,” which asks about the meaning of changing the past and the meaning of changing oneself, should not be too late to watch from now on.

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