‘Touken Ranbu’ Who is the ‘Tantou’ swordsman? Introducing 4 swings

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In January 2022, the game “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” celebrated its 7th anniversary. The development of media mixes such as musicals, theatrical performances, and animation also attracts attention every time it is announced.

In addition, to appreciate the sword that became the motif of the swordsman who appears in the game, many people have also encountered a social phenomenon that many people rush to museums worldwide. So, this time, I will introduce four swings under the theme of “What is the swordsman of” Touken Ranbu “?”

Now sword
The sword is a swing of the swordman implemented since the beginning of the game. A dagger made by Munechika Sanjo, a swordsmith from the Heian period, is known as the guardian sword of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, but the real thing is unknown. It features a bright and cheeky personality and a small tengu-like appearance, and the appearance of jumping with single-toothed clogs is impressive.

Toshiro Hirano
Toshiro Hirano is a dagger with a well-proportioned beauty known as a masterpiece of Awataguchi Yoshimitsu’s work. He is a relatively tricky swordsman among the Fujishiro brothers and has a severe and loyal personality. He also treats the gods (players) politely.

Kunitoshi Aizen
Aizen Kunitoshi is a dagger sword struck by a swordsmith, Kunitoshi (two-character Kunitoshi), active in the latter half of the Kamakura period. He is a naughty and festival-loving swordsman, and his trademark is a bandage on his nose and a shirt with Aizen Myo. The relationship with other Rai swords is also attractive.

Saya left character
Sayo left character is a dagger made by a left character swordsmith. It was introduced to the Hosokawa clan, but it was sold to help the people during the great famine, and after that, it changed its owner. A wife who lost her husband, a ronin, finds life in revenge from an anecdote that a bereaved son avenged after being cut off by a bandit and robbed of a dagger while selling a dagger. I’m a swordsman.

What is your favorite dagger?
The swordsman of the dagger is indispensable for capturing the map due to its high mobility and strength in night battles. I think many swordsmen say, “I was taken care of from the beginning of the game” and “I’ve been doing my best in the army all the time.” Which is your favorite dagger?

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