Missed episode 89 of the TV anime ‘Chiikawa’ is now available! Unlimited viewing of episode 87 will also start on each distribution service.

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Episode 89 of the TV anime “Chiikawa” and “A New Friend” has been streamed for one week only on the official YouTube of ” Mezamashi TV ” from August 8th.

The delivery period is until 7:59 on August 15th. You can also watch it on the video/e-book distribution service “FOD” and the missed free distribution video service ” TVer. “

The TV anime “Chiikawa” is based on the manga ” Chiikawa Kane no something small and cute ” by illustrator Nagano. It is broadcast on Fuji TV’s news program “Mezamashi TV.”

Episode 89 depicts the life of Chikawa and her new friends. Currently, episodes 1 to 5 are also being distributed for free. The delivery period is undecided.

In addition, all-you-can-watch episode 87, “A New Friend,” has also started on various distribution services such as ” Amazon Prime Video ” and “FOD.” (C) Nagano / Chikawa Production Committee

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