It healed just by looking! Notice of ‘Rilakkuma and amusement park’ Mikako Tabe & Takayuki Yamada continues to cast Reina Ueda as a new character.

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The notice ( and key visuals of the time-lapse animation “Rilakkuma and Amusement Park” will be distributed on Netflix from August 25.

In the previous work, “Rilakkuma and Kaoru” (delivered in 2019), the heartwarming life of OL Kaoru and Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori, who settled in her house was drawn. Still, in this new work, The feeling of tempo is improved. Kaoru and Rilakkuma, who went out to a fun-filled amusement park, are caught up in a mysterious happening one after another.

The theme song is decided to be Quruli’s new song, “In the Pocket.” As an additional cast, Takayuki Yamada will continue to cast “Hayate-Kun,” who is secretly in love with Kaoru, who plays Mikako Tabe, and voice actor Reina Ueda will be in charge of the new character “The amusement park employee’s older sister.” Decided.

In this notice, the lovely appearance of Rilakkuma, who enjoy attractions in a lively amusement park, and the appearance of Rilakkuma being involved in the happening one after another are drawn. There are plenty of unexpected developments, such as having a car chase with an employee’s older sister for some reason or getting lost in the world of games with Emily, a girl who aims to become a global professional gamer. However, no matter how pinched you may be, you must be healed by the appearance of Rilakkuma at your own pace.

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