Video for the final episode of ‘Pokémon’ aired at Shinjuku Station Satoshi and Pikachu look back on their 26-year adventure. Tears of fans and surprises of passers-by

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The promotional video of the animation “Pokémon Aim Pokemon Master” depicting the final chapter of the story of Satoshi and Pikachu (TV Tokyo series, every Friday after 6:55) will be shown at “Shinjuku Wall 456” outside the ticket gates of JR Shinjuku Station from the 13th. It was aired on. You can look back on the 26 years of adventures of Satoshi and Pikachu.

This was planned to excite the broadcast’s final episode (episode 11) on the 24th. To what to look back on. In addition to rivals and friends such as Shigeru, Shinji, Kasumi, Takeshi, Professor Okido, and Satoshi’s mom, Satoshi got Pokemon such as Charizard, Gekkouga, and Kairyu will also gather. You can see the adventures and battles.

Many fans gathered at Shinjuku Station. People who watched Satoshi and Pikachu’s adventure seriously and took commemorative photos, people who were moved to tears, and passers-by, such as office workers and office workers, said “Nostalgic” and “Pokémon final episode.” What is it?” Voices were saying, “Are Satoshi’s adventures over?”

In addition, the new anime series “Pocket Monsters” will start broadcasting on April 14th, and the main characters will be replaced by Satoshi & Pikachu.

The new dreams and adventures of the W main characters Rico and Roy will be set in the entire Pokemon world. Story unfolds. Rico and Roy go on adventures with many Pokemon, including Nyaoha, Hogeta, and Kwass.

“Pokémon Aim to Master” is the 10th episode broadcast on the 17th, the final episode on the 24th, and the remaining two. Put down.

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