2021 TV Anime BEST 8 Selected by Anime-loving Writers Congratulations to the creator’s passion

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I’m still reluctant to write “my best” in a place that isn’t my blog but is also distributed to news sites. I don’t think I’m interested in the eight best animes selected by a writer who doesn’t know what to do.

But thankfully, Cinemas Plus is a medium that has been unscrewed for writers, saying, “Don’t worry about that, just do whatever you want.” So feel free to write with your emotions. The TV anime BEST 8 that I was so addicted to this year.

  1. “The Vampire Dies Immediately.”

Draw a battle between a vampire and a hunter to get rid of it … oh, I made a mistake. A gag anime depicting the daily life of the vampire hunter Ronald, who for some reason decided to work in combination with the vampire Dorark, who is supposed to confront him with a slight impact, is “Vampire dies soon” is.

The image of a vampire is sharp fangs, black costumes, and blood. However, the vampires in the film are far from these images. What’s more, “I have a hobby to let out my inner habits,” “I love baseball fists,” “Dominate humanity with a micro bikini,” etc., is. There is almost no blood flowing, and there is no feeling of tension.

Also, the hunters, who are Ronald’s companions, are all unique enough to be super. It’s a darkness that you won’t forget once you see it, but the fast-paced development makes your stomach feel heavy and doesn’t cause heartburn.

I don’t want to think about anything anymore, and I want to get stuck in the manuscript and escape reality. At that time, I was saved, thinking that something was starting to go crazy with the laughter delivered by the metamorphosis and unique friends who were never complimented.

It’s an anime that reminds me that there are times when you need something easy to understand in your life.

7.” Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-“

AI (artificial intelligence) is a subject often taken up in anime. The world view with AI that enriches society conveniently is full of hope. On the other hand, the difficulty of coexistence has often been portrayed, as people who are content with its convenience stop thinking for themselves and feel a sense of crisis in their ability. I think “Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-” (after this referred to as “Vivy”) was also a work that seriously faced the coexistence of AI and people.

The story begins 100 years after AI is eradicating humanity. It is a science fiction story in which AI Matsumoto, who came from the future to prevent this despair, and AI Vivi, the main character, will change the events that will significantly change the relationship between AI and humans.

A significant feature of this work is “song.” The reason is that AI, which is said to be unable to understand emotions, is given the mission of “making everyone happy with songs.” If you want to impress people, it seems that it will come true if you execute it according to the program. However, Vivi, who sings according to the program, has not yet achieved a performance that touches people’s hearts. I felt the body temperature of this work when I gave AI the choice of not relying on the program with the goal of “singing with all my heart.”

On the other hand, many scenes make you realize that Vivi is just AI. Her unnaturally smooth skin and glass-like eyes impressed her that she was different from humans.

The world depicted by “Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-” seems to be far away. However, coexistence with AI has already begun in our immediate surroundings. When it became more convenient than it is now, it was a work that made us think about what human beings should be.

6.”Blue Period.”

“Blue Period” is a story about a high school student who awakens to drawing and aims to pass an art school. Perhaps it was an animation that felt a little lacking for fans reading the original manga by Tsubasa Yamaguchi. Even the author, who has not read the original, had some doubts about the deep digging of the development. However, the same work has pain and power that blows away such anxious parts.

Vanity to hide the lack of self-confidence. I can’t see what I should aim for, and I’m worried I don’t know what to believe. I felt like I was looking at myself through the main character, Hachitora.

However, this empathy gradually turns into jealousy. Hachitora was a “genius of effort” who couldn’t turn away from his mediocre and immature self. I will continue to improve the power of painting while steadily repeating what I can do now. Seeing the eight tigers devoted to drawing pictures with overwhelming momentum, I was struck by how fluent my “love to work” was. And the pain of being reminded of my immaturity increases as the number of stories increases.

However, I also notice that I am experiencing this pain. “There is still something I can do,” he says.

Instead of “pushing on the back,” “I’m going to instigate with all my strength,” the Blue Period. It was a work that made me want to see the world beyond that heat.

  1. “Godzilla SP .”

“Godzilla SP ” was “Oops!” Even though I couldn’t understand 80% of what the characters were saying.

First of all, I was beaten by the video. Bonds, who have a good reputation for activities such as “My Hero Academia,” “Bungo Stray Dogs,” and “Noragami,” and Orange, who continues to update the new era of CG animation such as “Land of the Lustrous” and “BEASTARS,” have just teamed up. The picture was so powerful that it seemed to pop out of the screen.

In addition, even the author, who did not know Godzilla of yesteryear and did not understand the story’s development by 80%, could feel the intuition that “something terrible will happen” at each end of the story. By the way, there was no theory that the education I received was wasted, so I asked a wise acquaintance in the sciences, “Do you understand the content?” It is impossible to understand unless you get out of the inhabitants of the world of the law of conservation of mass. ” Maybe it’s okay if you don’t know.

When Godzilla’s theme, which can be said to be a common language, was applied in episode 10, it was no longer a story of understanding. Even though the worst is approaching, a fierce uplifting feeling runs around the whole body.

Also, the opening video was a big reason I was so addicted to this anime. Collage-like use of anime scenes. Staff credit that blends into it as a design. There was a place where I was glued to the TV every week because I saw this fantastic opening.

It’s interesting if you don’t understand the story. It was a work that brought me back to the original way of enjoying anime.

4.” Tokyo Revengers.”

Although it exists, it has nothing to do with me, and it is somewhere far away … The genre that hasn’t been very intriguing in my life is “bad things.” I never thought it would be so addictive. I caught the information that it was abnormally exciting and started watching it a little after the broadcast, but when I noticed it, it fell into “Tokyo Revengers.” Bad junior high school students ride around the bike with no hell and hit each other while getting bloody. In these depictions, there was no feeling (tsukkomi), “Work the police ~!” And “Adults ~!” Was also lovely.

The only thing is that it is not accepted. It was an event that happened on Halloween day in the treasure of Keisuke Bachi. The second production of this work has also been decided. However, I still have a young smile on my head, which is suitable for the age of laughing with a smile in episode 21. I can’t organize my feelings. Isn’t it possible? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! !! !! !! !! But after all, I’m looking forward to the 2nd term, “Holy Night Battle.”

3.”Zombie Land Saga Revenge.”

“Zombie Land Saga” started the shock of the hero’s life ending in the first episode. A work that is entirely unpredictable in the 2018 notice when the first period was broadcast, but it is unfamiliar even if you open the lid that it was a “zombie idol thing,” and it is not bound by genre. It is new to the memory that it remained in the legend as. As the second term, “Zombie Land Saga Revenge” (after this referred to as “Revenge”), was broadcast in 2021.

The second term with satisfaction. However, I have seen anime that loses momentum in the second term. That’s why I was afraid that I should have finished with the best Alpino life.

Such anxiety ended in melancholy. Revenge, full throttle from the first episode. Picture? what? “Don’t waste the squid’s soul-Kojima Food Factory Co., Ltd. company song-“?

Revenge begins when Franchouchou is swayed by producer Kotaro Tatsumi’s unplanned and significant debt. What kind of brutal zombie student is it? Even though zombies are pretty hard.

I think the great thing about this work is that it doesn’t happen even though it’s an anime that can be dragged by such a crazy and challenging setting.

It was too hot for them to get rid of the dark adversity such as debt and aim for a new stage. Not to mention the live scene that symbolizes each story, the life at the last station square real estate stadium could not be seen without tears. How many times did you shake the penlight at home?

Franchouchou then goes beyond revenge and moves on to the screen. There is still a place where I don’t feel like telling by the notice.

I do not know what will happen. It keeps you enjoying the fun of opening the lid. I love Franchouchou and Zombie Land Saga.

2.” Fairy Ranmaru-I will help your heart-“

I’m sorry to all the production team. This “Fairy Ranmaru” was an anime that I had no plans to watch at all, even if it wasn’t checked in advance to decide which works to watch.

What caught my heart was the mouth that started when I happened to turn on the TV at night. The sound of the trumpet must be spun in a bag. Because of it, which is reminiscent of a worker, I noticed that the manuscript whose deadline was approaching was left unattended and eaten on TV.

It’s been a moment from there. It’s a story about five people sent to the human world to collect their favorite books and save those who are oppressed, but there is too much information on the way and their heads. One episode was over without finishing the arrangement.

Above all, the scene of transformation from a human to the appearance of Holy was like a beautiful girl warrior somewhere. The memory of when I was a girl is revived.

And this is a catch-up. The habit of the Showa Kayo-style theme song of the Holy Spirits that flows every time they go to the enemy is fantastic. It is said to be written as a lustrous song called “Enka.” Is there already too much information? ??

And if you think that the story is over to run through, this is the ending. Moody songs that can make you forget that it’s Reiwa stick to your brain. I want you to forgive me soon.

The story’s content may be skipped due to the amount of information, but the story and habit are unique. Human beings desperately try to save those oppressed, such as bullying, labor exploitation, and flirtation. However, the happy ending is not always waiting for the saved destination. The depth and compassion of human work do not end the story as a clean and refreshing poetic justice. Here, I can feel the sadness of adults who can’t help but live in reality.

According to director Masakazu Hishida, who directed the film, “Fairy Ranmaru” is designed for watching lemon sour in one hand. I thought it was true.

1.” Bacten !!”

Teeth? ?? Wasn’t the trailer mixed with some fantastic scenes? ??

“Ben !!” where excitement had broken through the atmosphere even before the anime started. It is a work that was instantly drawn to the sport of men’s rhythmic gymnastics, which was honestly unfamiliar until then.

The politeness of animating the actual performances of old and new male rhythmic gymnasts with motion capture and expressing small parts such as fingertips and toes by drawing. The author fell in love with the acting up to the fingertips, which gives off the beauty of the flowers of senior Tsukikan.

And the first episode of the anime, the shock of about 3 minutes. Only the scene where the characters were acting was played. No commentary and no spectators are watching the competition.

From the speed of swinging down the arm and the timing of landing from the aerial technique, which is different for each person, it seemed that what the player was good at could be seen. When I saw this trial scene, I thought, “Oh, what a serious anime for men’s rhythmic gymnastics.”

In addition, the atmosphere of Miyagi, which was the stage, and the daily drawing of the characters were also polite. Above all, the depiction of rice must be irritating to the stomach. The dumplings that came out of the main character Shotaro’s parents’ rice were the type of dumplings that burned the mouth when chewed and spewed out the gravy. I think these everyday depictions remind us that not only the moment of competition creates athletes.

Was there an anime work portraying sports and young people who devote themselves to it so seriously and politely? It was a masterpiece of personal sports animation that I couldn’t help but think so. The movie version will be released in 2022. You can see the acting of Ao school on a big screen … Oh, what a luxury!

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