Theatrical animation “Inu-Oh” Masaaki Yuasa is attracted to the brightness of Inu-Oh, “I thought it would give me courage”

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The Japan premiere of the theatrical animation “Inu-Oh” was held today at TOHO Cinemas Chanter in Tokyo on November 3. Director Masaaki Yuasa attended the Q & A after the screening.

“Inu-Oh” is a musical animation directed by Yuasa, drafted by Taiyo Matsumoto, and written by Akiko Nogi. Based on Hideo Furukawa’s novel “Heike Monogatari Inuou no Maki,” the friendship between the natural Noh performer Inuou, who was active in the Muromachi period, and the blind Biwa Hoshi, Tomoyo is depicted. The day’s event was held as part of the “34th Tokyo International Film Festival” currently being held.

Next to Director Yuasa, who was seated, Matsumoto’s poster visual that this day will be unveiled. Director Yuasa said, “Cute and cool,” and smiled. When asked where he was interested in the work, he said, “When I received the project, I was told that Inu-Oh was a pop star at the time, and I thought it was interesting to see a picture of a rock musician with him.” I look back on when I received the offer. In addition, Director Yuasa commented on this work, which deals with real people, “The story of history, music, entertainment, and people is very narrow to imagine from what remains. There should be a more comprehensive image. I thought, “he revealed that he was interested because he agreed with his idea.

The story revolves around Inuou and Tomoyo. Director Yuasa says that he was attracted to the two who tried to climb up against their own circumstances even though it was challenging to get up due to the background of the times. He continued, “What I was most interested in was that the dog king was very bright. It gets dark when he carries his fate, but I think it’s fascinating why he was bright in those times. However, I also want to be such a person. I thought that watching a character like a dog king in this era would give me courage. “

When asked about the order for Matsumoto, who was the original character draft, Director Yuasa revealed that he said, “I love Mr. Matsumoto’s paintings, so I want him to do it as freely as possible.” On the other hand, it seems that there was a detailed exchange between Inu-Oh and Tomoyo, “I wanted to make the two main characters as young as possible. I talked about how to show the changing shape of Inu-Oh as a movie. “That’s what he was particular about when creating characters.

“The Tale of the Heike,” which plays a vital role in the movie, is a story created by Biwa Hoshi, picking up and telling the story of the defeated Heike. Director Yuasa has a similar structure to “The Tale of the Heike” in that “Inu-Oh” tells the past events that “Mr. Furukawa has picked up the story that Inu-Oh and Tomoyo would have existed since the present age.” Tell your thoughts that you are doing it. He added, “I think it’s important that there were two people who understood the story even if I couldn’t leave a story. It’s tough to understand people, but it’s easy to say,” I don’t like this guy. ” I think it’s better to understand it rather than deciding that it’s a non-existent person, and the theme is that every person should have a good understanding. ” I talked about my thoughts.

In the topic of Avu-chan (queen bee), who plays the role of Inu-Oh, and Mirai Moriyama, who plays the role of friend fish, it is revealed that Director Yuasa learned Biwa from Moriyama to deepen his understanding of the role. Regarding Avu-chan, he wrote, “Avu-chan took the lead in singing instruction. I felt like Avu-chan was becoming the Inu-Oh, and I made it that way too.” He praised Avu-chan’s performance, which he also requested.

In the final greeting, Director Yuasa overlooked the audience and smiled with a smile, saying, “I would like to hear each person’s impressions (laughs).” He went on to conclude the event with a joke, saying, “It’s been more than half a year before it’s released, so I’d like you to tweet as much as you can and get excited.” “You” will be a national roadshow in early summer 2022.

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