What is the origin of Sayla’s name from ‘Gundam’? Tomino’s ‘Truth of Original Naming’

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I am naming with a reason.

Various names, such as personal names, appear in TV animation. In many cases, these names are decided by the production company except for those with originals, but who decides and how?

Constriction is fantastic! Admired “Mr. Seira” becomes a high-quality figure (8 pieces). Of course, there is no “strict rule” regarding the decision. Of course, it is case by case. What about the original 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam? There seem to be various theories worldwide, but in any case, a single person never decided on the name “Gundam.” Even at the planning stage within Sunrise, several proposals for the title were proposed. The representative one is “Gunboy” or “Gumboy,” which is known among fans, and the proposal’s cover at this stage. has been published in information magazines. After that, taking a hint from the TV commercials that were being done at the time, we decided on a “Gundam” with a “strong” impression. This is also the result of discussions between the Sunrise Planning Office at the time and the scriptwriters, directors, agencies, and sponsors who lead the story of the entire work, which is called the series composition. In particular, the name of the leading robot is premised on the commercialization of toys, etc., so it is necessary to scrutinize trademark registration.

On the other hand, the names of people and stages that appear in work are often decided by the series creators and directors at the planning stage, and especially those that appear as guests are agreed upon by the scriptwriter and director who are in charge of the number of episodes that appear. And so on, the degree of freedom increases. For example, in the case of “Saira,” one of the heroines of “Gundam,” her real name is “Artesia. “she is respected by the name of the road called “ARTESIA” in Los Angeles, USA. As you may know, if you have been to Los Angeles, this “Artesia (There is also a map labeled Artesia)” takes you south from Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to that “Dreamland.” This is a road that is often used. And the place where this “dream country” is located is “ANAHEIM,” which is used in the name of the company “Anaheim Electronics,” which plays a vital role in the Gundam world.

The accurate Anaheim is an ordinary town in the southwestern suburbs of Los Angeles, but the impression I get from the world of “Gundam” is somehow “Silicon Valley. “It may have been an image of a similar city of advanced technology. “The name was given by Director Tomino, who had traveled to the United States shortly before taking charge of Gundam. In addition, the names of the space battleships of the Federation Forces, “Magellan” and “Salamis,” are also based on the actual seas, such as straits and islands.

The name of the military fighter, “Shidenkai,” has been changed back and forth (the name of the name is unconfirmed). Speaking of Director Tomino, the main character of “Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3”, who served as director before “Gundam,” “Harashi Banjo” has a mansion in “Shinza City.” It is a reading of “Niiza City” in Saitama Prefecture, where I live. It may be attractive for enthusiasts that such a slightly “wake are” name is hidden behind the back of the TV animation series. One bonus for “name episode.” “Mobile Suit Gundam” became a hot topic after being made into a movie with a complete remake.

The 15th episode of the TV series, the original work of Cucuruz Doan’s Island, is published as the animation director, “Ikko Suzumura,” a pseudonym. Initially, for some reason, the drawings for this number of episodes were subcontracted to an overseas drawing company, so it was almost impossible to check the original pictures. Of course, there is no staff named “Ikko Suzumura” either. And actually, “Suzumura” was the name of the izakaya in front of Kamiigusa (Suginami-Ku, Tokyo) station, where Sunrise was located at the time, and it was a favorite shop of the Sunrise staff. However, if the schedule is terrible, there is no time to go drinking, so this pseudonym is the staff’s earnest desire to “Let’s go to Suzumura!” There is no doubt that it is the appearance of. [Author profile] Hiroshi Kazama (Yoshie Kawahara) Since 1975, he has been a part-time student at the animation production company Sunrise (currently Bandai Namco Film Works) ‘s “Brave Raideen” (Tohokushinsha) production studio. After graduating, he worked as a regular staff as a setting assistant on “Invincible Superman Zambot 3” and other projects. He worked on literary setting productions such as “Strongest Robo Daiohja,” “Combat Mecha Xabungle,” “Aura Warrior Dunbine,” and “Giant God Gorg.” Participated in the script under the name Yoshie. He is involved in the planning and development of “Dragner,” “Mashin Hero Wataru,” and “Yoroi Den Samurai Trooper.” He has been an independent writer since 1989. He also works on the company’s novelizations, original novels, screenplays, mook-related articles, and columns.

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