What is your favorite team in the high school basketball club that appeared in ‘Kuroko’s Basketball?

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Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s masterpiece manga “Kuroko’s Basketball”  with the theme of high school basketball. It became popular in the serialization of “Weekly Shonen Jump,” and the anime version was also a big hit. Speaking of the charm of this work, the characters with rich individuality are the most unique. And the high school basketball club to which they belong.

So this time, we will introduce six representative schools that appeared in work! Which is your favorite high school basketball team?

● Seirin High School

“Seirin High School” is a private high school where the main character “Tetsuya Kuroko” attends. The members of the basketball club are the other main character, “Taiga Kagami,” who was called “Kiseki, not Kiseki, “the captain, “Junpei Hyuga,” and the deputy captain, “Shun Izuki. “.. The uniform is based on white and black with a red line.

● Kaijo High School

“Kaijo High School” is a private high school where Kuroko and Fire God joined the Seirin Basketball Club for the first time. “Ryota Kise,” one of the “Kiseki generation,” and “Yukio Kasamatsu,” a national district player, belong to this group, and the team play by members with solid habits is a characteristic!

● Shutoku High School

“Shutoku High School” is a basketball powerhouse to which “Shintaro Midorima,” an accurate and unrivaled 3P shooter, counted in the “Kiseki generation” and “Kazunari Takao,” who is his partner, belong. With the slogan of “indomitable,” we are proud of our ability to be in the top 8 in Japan.

● Kiriou Gakuen High School

“Toou Gakuen High School” is feared as a “new tyrant” because it recruits promising basketball players from all over the country. In the basketball club, Kuroko’s former companion, “Daiki Aomine,” who was active as the ace of the “Kiseki generation,” and “Shoichi Imayoshi,” the captain of the basketball club who scouted him as the paulownia emperor, belong to the club. I am.

● Yosen High School

“Yosen High School” is the high school to which “Atsushi Shihara,” which is said to be the most vital center in the “Kiseki generation,” belongs. In addition to Murasakibaru, the captain “Kenichi Okamura,” the international student “Liu Wei,” and three players over 2m tall are proud of their overwhelming defensive power. )”.

● Rakuyama High School

“Rakuzan High School” is a super-powerful school in Kyoto and boasts the most significant number of participants in WC / IH. Including “Seijuro Akashi” who was the captain of “Kiseki’s generation,” “Reo Mabuchi,” “Kotaro Hayama,” “Eikichi Nebuya” who are counted as “five generals without a crown,” and Kuroko who is the main character “The sixth person of the new illusion” “Chihiro Mayuzumi” who has the same ability belongs. So far, we have introduced the teams of the six representative schools that appeared in “Kuroko’s Basketball.” What is your favorite team?

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