Today’s K-POP Dream Concert lineup revealed.

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The dream festival with the best K-pop stars in name and reality is looking for music fans worldwide. That’s the story of the ’27th Dream Concert’.

The 27th Dream Concert, hosted by the Korea Entertainment Producers Association (Chairman Baek-Woon Lim) and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korea Tourism Organization, will be a globally on-tact concert on the 26th.

Celebrating the 27th performance this year, Dream Concert is expected to meet fans with more abundant attractions. From artists who made the hearts of music fans around the world pounding to rookies who are responsible for the future of K-POP, it is expected to create a ‘festival of dreams’ worthy of the name ‘Dream Concert’ by providing a place of harmony for seniors and juniors to be.

  • K-pop stars who have captured the world in one place!

AB6IX, ACE, aespa, CIX, ITZY, NCT DREAM, Golden Child, Kim Jaehwan, Dreamcatcher, LABOUM, Momoland, Brave Girls, ASTRO, Oh My Girl, ONF, Wei, Weki Meki, Forte di Quattro, and Ha Sung-Woon (in alphabetical order) will appear to satisfy the eyes and ears of K-pop fans around the world.

As such, artists loved all over the world are expected to create a spectacular show enjoying the festival in one place. In addition to Super Junior’s Leeteuk, who has had a long relationship with ‘Dream Concert,’ ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo and Weki Meki’s Kim Do-Yeon will take over as MCs to make the festival smoother.

  • We are the next generation of K-pop leaders! ‘Dream Rising’ stage

There is a stage to watch out for at the ’27th Dream Concert’. This is because the order in which K-pop prospects convey their charms to global fans has been prepared. They are determined to prove their potential as next-generation K-pop leaders through the stage of ‘Dream Rising.’

On the stage of ‘Dream Rising,’ groups responsible for the future of K-POP, such as ARIAZ, PIXY, T1419, DKB, Dripin, Shinchon Tiger, Alexa, Kingdom, and Hot Issues (in alphabetical order) appeared, and the ’27th Dream Concert’ Open the door brilliantly.

  • Delivering ‘good influence’ to the world with the ‘Sunple Campaign’!

‘The 27th Dream Concert’ spreads ‘good influence’ by conducting the ‘Sunplay Campaign’ to prevent damage from malicious comments, which are popular culture arts, and to establish a healthy comment culture. Artists directly participate in the campaign video to deliver a message to global K-POP fans.

Through this, the ’27th Dream Concert’ plans to induce fans’ voluntary midnight activities in the hopes of rethinking online ethical awareness and establishing a healthy etiquette culture. In addition, by spreading a healthy comment culture, we plan to take the lead in establishing a virtuous cycle structure that leads to another good for pop culture artists.

  • Gather in chat rooms for each artist and view together

In this on-tact concert, a dedicated chat function is newly provided where fans like a specific artist can gather in the same chat room to enjoy the performance and communicate. On the day of the performance, fans can select and enter the chat channel of their favorite artist on the viewing platform. This is to make up for the regret of not meeting the artist in person on the spot because it will be held as a global on-tact performance following last year.

Meanwhile, ‘Dream Concert,’ which celebrates its 27th anniversary this year, has continued with the cooperation and participation of member companies of the Korea Entertainment Producers Association and their celebrities. In addition, ‘Dream Concert’ has established itself as a ‘national concert,’ and as a representative cultural festival of Korea, it is loved by K-pop fans around the world.

The ’27th Dream Concert’ will be held as a global on-tact concert on the 26th to deliver a message of hope and support to the world amid the COVID-19 crisis. Artists representing K-POP will gather in one place to present a unique festival.

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