What is your favorite TV anime character played by voice actor ‘Ryo Horikawa’? Explanation of 3 characters

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Ryo Horikawa has been the main cast in much popular anime since his debut as a voice actor in 1984. He is one of many actors who can handle everything from a gentle young man to a villain and show off native English conversation.

So, I will pick up and introduce three characters from the TV anime characters played by Ryo Horikawa.

Andromeda Shun “Saint Seiya”
Shun, a bronze saint of the Andromeda constellation, is a beautiful boy who wears opera pink armor and manipulates the chains on his arms to fight. He has high potential and can defeat the highest-ranked Saints with his bare hands. However, he often prioritizes defense over combat attacks due to his gentle personality.

Mr. Horikawa’s role has a beauty reminiscent of Greek mythology, and the appearance of a moment longing for his cool brother, Phoenix Ikki, touched the hearts of many fans.

Vegeta “Dragon Ball”
A “Saiyan” elite warrior born as a prince of the planet Vegeta. He inherits the lineage of the king of the fighting race, which was called the most robust class in the universe, and has very great pride.

Although he was a villain at first, he became accustomed to life on Earth through interaction with Goku and bloomers. He has been garnering support from many fans for his repulsion but rushing to the pinch of his peers. Mr. Horikawa’s robust dialogue made the Vegeta character stand out more!

Heiji Hattori “Detective Conan”
A high school detective lives in Osaka, a friendly character who quickly shortens the distance with others with a familiar Kansai dialect. He is a rival of the main character, Conan Edogawa, and at the same time, a good understanding person, and the two of them often cooperate to clarify the case.

By the way, Minami Takayama and Horikawa, who play Conan Edogawa, also co-starred as rivals in the anime “Yaiba,” showing a wonderfully breathtaking exchange.

What is your favorite TV anime character, Mr. Horikawa?
Ryo Horikawa is one of the legends who has more than 30 years as a voice actor and has supported the Japanese animation industry. In April 2020, we started operating the YouTube channel, and we are distributing about the deep world of voice actors. Who does Ryo Horikawa play your favorite TV anime character?

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