When will the anime ‘Little Citizen Series’ start broadcasting? Is there free streaming?

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The TV anime “Shoshimin Series,” based on a mystery novel by Naoki Prize-winning author Honobu Yonezawa, depicts high school boys and girls solving various mysteries and will begin airing in July 2024. This will be the first anime adaptation in 20 years since the novel first came out.

This article will introduce the anime “Little Man Series” and provide information on broadcast and online streaming, including whether it can be watched for free, the staff, voice actors, and more.

What is the anime “Little Man Series”?

The anime “Koshimin Series” is based on a school mystery novel by Honobu Yonezawa, the author of the Classics Club series, including “Hyouka,” and a Naoki Prize-winning author. The story follows the duo of Kobato Jogorou and Osanai Yuki. They wish to “make their high school debut as ordinary citizens and live modestly without becoming a great detective” but encounter various mysteries. The series has been published by Sogen Mystery Bunko since December 2004 and has sold over one million copies.

The two episodes being animated this time are “Spring Limited Strawberry Tart Incident” and “Summer Limited Tropical Parfait Incident.” The former depicts events in the spring of the first year of high school, while the latter depicts events in the summer of the second year.

These episodes have also been made into manga in “Monthly G Fantasy,” with “Spring Limited Strawberry Tart Incident” by Manjuya Anko and “Summer Limited Tropical Parfait Incident” by Yamazaki Fua (storytelling) and Omiomi (illustrations) being published.

When will the anime “Little Man Series” start broadcasting? On which channel?

The anime “Little Man Series” will be broadcast on the “NUMAnimation” slot on 24 TV Asahi affiliated stations nationwide from 25:30 every Saturday starting July 6, 2024. It will also be broadcast on BS Asahi and CS TV Asahi Channel 1.

Is there online/free streaming?

The anime “Little Citizen Series” will also be streamed online. The currently announced streaming service is ABEMA, which will broadcast it on terrestrial TV simultaneously and exclusively on the air starting from July 6, 2024, every Saturday from 25:30 . It has not yet been revealed whether it will be streamed on other services.

Can I watch it for free?
ABEMA will broadcast the latest episode for free and offer a free one-week viewing service for catch-up episodes so that you can watch it for free.

How many episodes does the anime “Little Man Series” have?

It is unclear how many seasons the series will have, but the original novels of “Spring Limited Strawberry Tart Incident” and “Summer Limited Tropical Parfait Incident” that will be animated this time are not that long, being around 250 pages each. The comic book versions have also been published in two volumes, one above the other.

In addition, the anime “You Are My Dearest” is scheduled to air in the “NUMAnimation” slot in October. From this, it is speculated that the anime “Little Citizen Series” will likely have two episodes in one season, about 12 to 13.

What about the staff? 

Original work: Honobu Yonezawa’s “Spring Limited Strawberry Tart Incident” and “Summer Limited Tropical Parfait Incident” (published by Sogen Mystery Bunko)
Director: Mamoru Kobe
Series composition: Toshiya Ohno
Character design: Atsushi Saito
Sub-character design and general animation director: Mayu Gushiken
Color design: Yuki Akimoto
Art director: Kiyoshi Ito (Studio ARA)
Art setting: Tomoyuki Aoki Inose Yukie
Director of Photography: Tomoyuki Shiokawa (T2studio)
CG director: Yuji Koshida
Editor: Rie Matsuhara
Music: Takahiro Obata
Sound director: Katsunori Shimizu
Sound effects: Shota Yaso
Animation producer: Masakazu Watanabe
Line producer: Takumi Arao
Animation production: Lapin Truck
Opening theme: Eve “Sweet Memory” Ending
theme: ammo “I can’t understand”

The director is Mamoru Kanbe, who has worked on “The Promised Neverland,” “You and Me,” and “Everything Becomes F.” The series will be composed by Toshiya Ohno, who heads the theater group “Nuancer” and has worked on anime titles such as “Land of the Lustrous,” “Dokujitsu Kenka,” and “Mushoku Tensei II: Jobless Reincarnation II: I Will Seriously Try If I Go to Another World.”

The music is by Takahiro Obata, known for “Punirunzu” and “August Cinderella Nine.” In a comment at the time of the staff announcement, he said, “In terms of the music, we’ve incorporated ethnic elements and put in various creative touches.” Obata and Ohno are also involved in “The Promised Neverland” along with Kobe.

Atsushi Saito, who worked on Love Live! Superstar!! And Hirogaru Sky! PreCure will handle character design. He said he was “very honored” to be involved in Yonezawa’s work. Animation production company Lapin Track is known for Sarazanmai, Undead Girl Murderfalse, and The Garden of Women.

Who are the voice actors?
Kobato Tsunegoro: Umeda Shuichiro
, Osanai Yuki: Hitsujimiya Hina,
Dojima Kengo: Furukawa Shin

Umeda Shuichiro plays Kobato Tsunegoro. Since his first starring role as Sevil in “The Dawn of the Wizard” in 2022, he has continued to star in roles such as Tendo Teru in “Zombie 100: 100 Things to Do Before You Become a Zombie” and Izumi Yuuki in “Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie.” He is an up-and-coming voice actor who won the Newcomer Voice Actor Award at the 17th Seiyuu Awards 2023.

Hina Yomiya will play Yuki Osanai. Yomiya also made her debut as Kuumi in “The Giant Beast of Ars” and has played several main characters, including Anna Yamada in “My Dangerous Girlfriend.” Yomiya also won the New Voice Actor Award at the 18th Seiyuu Awards in 2024, and this cast includes a fresh and promising group of young voice actors.

Makoto Furukawa will be playing Kengo Dojima, a classmate of Kobato and a member of the newspaper club who is full of chivalry. Furukawa is known for his roles as Ronald in “The Vampire Dies in No Time” and Shadik Zeneli in “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury.” In the first trailer, which is currently available, you can listen to the voices of the three characters.

The anime “Little Man Series” will be broadcast on the “NUMAnimation” slot on 24 TV Asahi affiliated stations nationwide from 25:30 every Saturday from July 6, 2024. Read the original work beforehand, and look forward to the broadcast.

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