Who is the voice actor who wants to hear ‘reading’? Saori Hayami, Miyuki Sawashiro, Maaya Uchida. Good performances and healing voice owners gather.

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It was established in 2002 by the NPO Japan Reading Culture Association based on the puns of “Deaf (6) Doku (19)”. It is a memorial day aimed at popularizing reading as an art culture, and in mid-June, reading volunteers and reading contests will be held.

Voice actors who breathe into the character may also appear in recitation plays or read aloud in audiobooks. I think many fans like reading aloud, which has a different charm from anime.

Anime there! Animation! Then, we conducted an annual reader survey entitled “Who is the voice actor who wants to hear” reading “?” Responses were received from 719 people during the survey period from June 5th to June 12th.

The male-female ratio is about 10% for males and about 90% for females, and the majority are females. About 30% of the age group was 19 or younger, and about 45% were in their 20s.

In this article, we will announce the results of the female voice actor edition.

Saori Hayami. Her approval rating was about 15 percent, the same as last year.

“I would love to hear the recitation drama with Mr. Hayami’s voice, which can express cuteness, calmness, and horror.” Many fans wanted to be healed by reading aloud, saying, “I want to relax and enjoy reading the story.” And “I feel kind because I have a calm voice.”

“I learned about Mr. Hayami from the dubbing of” Roman Holiday, “which was broadcast the other day because I thought it was a gentle and gentle voice that naturally came to my ears.” And “I played an important character in” Heike Monogatari. ” I wanted to hear the reading of classical literature because I was there. “

Miyuki Sawashiro. Her approval rating is about 12 percent, which also keeps her ranking last year.

“I had the opportunity to come into contact with Mr. Sawashiro’s reading, and I was drawn to his expressiveness. The background came to me by expressing my voice, and I cried unintentionally.” Mr. Sawashiro, who I saw in, was impressed by the role itself, “he said, captivating fans who have experienced reading aloud.

A request also said, “Because the roles are skillful, I want you to read aloud in work with many characters. Mr. Sawashiro, who has played various roles, should be able to play many roles by himself!”

Maaya Uchida. Her approval rating was about 6 percent, and the top three were in the same rank as last year.

“Because I like the reading of Marei-chan, who has a wide range of expressions, from pretty girls to cool boys,” and “I’ve become a variety of characters, and when I hear the voice, I feel like the world has expanded.” I would like to hear the reading with Rei-chan’s illusionary voice. “

Playing the role of a boy and a female character is also the reason for collecting votes.

Even in the female voice actor edition, various casts are gathered, such as playing multiple characters, having a unique voice, and feeling at ease just by listening. Multiple voice actors who are active in recitation plays are also ranked.

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