‘Who the hell is this www’ When the ‘serious’ of the Nagashi Somen Club is too amazing

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The anime “Love Live!” On Saturday, May 21, 2022. In the second phase of “Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club,” the eighth episode, “The place where the rainbow begins,” was broadcast. On the final day of the festival, the “Nagashi Somen Club” showed an incredible performance, and it seems that the viewers were laughing at “The seriousness of the Nagashi Somen Club is too dangerous www.”

The final day of the 2nd School Idol Festival has finally arrived. This day is also a joint day with the Nijigasaki High School Cultural Festival, and the venue is unprecedentedly exciting. At the main event in the morning, the “Nijigaku-go” laps around the lane set up in the school, the “School Rainbow Jet Slider” was held, and the “Nagashi Somen Club supervised the waterway.”

The Nagashi Somen Club is one of the many clubs at Nijigasaki High School, and in fact, it appears in the first episode. The technology that the Nagashi Somen Club has cultivated every day has come to light, but its quality should be noted. The lane through which the Nijigaku runs from the west wing to the east wing, and when the Nijigaku finishes, the live stage of Shoranju will start brilliantly.

Anyway, many viewers seemed to be surprised at the large-scale equipment, and on SNS, “Who is the Nagashi Somen Club? Www” “The idea of ​​the Nagashi Somen Club and the technology of the students who can realize it” There is no end to the response, such as “Power …” and “Construction technology is as good as a professional (laughs).”

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