Latest story report: ‘Detective Conan’ ‘Rainy day meta remarks (laughs)’ Conan Edogawa finally touches the core

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In the anime “Detective Conan” on Saturday, May 21, 2022, episode 1044, “Butajiru is a life-threatening signal,” was broadcast. Conan’s “certain remark” made at the beginning of the story seems to have caused a big laugh from the viewers, saying “www that I finally started to say” and “a meta-remark (laughs) that was just starting.”

This episode begins with two shots of Conan and Kogoro Mouri. Then Conan suddenly called out, “Hey uncle,” and cut out, “Megure police always say that incidents often occur when we are there, right?”

In response to Conan’s question, Kogoro replied, “Well, well … it’s a coincidence,” and Conan pointed forward, “Hmm. Then, is that a coincidence?” Several police officers and police cars are parked in front of the mansion he showed, and Kogoro unintentionally rejoices, “It’s a coincidence!” On the other hand, Conan, who stood next to him, also smiled slightly at his expression.

Speaking of Conan, incidents occur everywhere, so fans may become the “power to attract” topic. The police officer Megure, who is in charge of the third section of the investigation section, also mentioned, and in episode 814 of the animation, he said, “Conan is more like a god of death.”

This time, Conan himself said that he would call such an incident, and the viewers talked about things like “Oh my god, www” and “Conan-Kun, have you finally touched the core (laughs)?” It was.

If people around me said, “Incidents often happen when they are there,” I would like Conan and his friends to be quieter.

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