Saku Mizuno is in Ryo Yamada’s role, in charge of the fantastic and eccentric bass in the anime ‘Bocchi the Rock!’

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An additional cast of the TV anime “Bocchi the Rock!” Based on the original work by Aki, Hamaji has been announced. Saku Mizuno plays the role of Ryo Yamada.

“Bocchi the Rock!” Produced by CloverWorks and broadcast in 2022. A girl, Goto Kazuto, who became a high school student because she couldn’t find a member because she was timid, even though she longed for band activities and started playing the guitar, called out to the cheerful and cheerful Ichi Tomonatsu, who is playing drums in a “cable tie.”

The story begins to move from what was done. Ryo Yamada, played by Mizuno, is a fantastic and eccentric second-year high school girl. He is a close friend of Nijika and is in charge of the bass in the cable tie.

Comments also arrived from Mizuno. “I really like Ryo-chan’s visuals, and I also love cool and weird things,” he said. “I wanted to play Ryo-chan from the time I auditioned, so I made this a fantastic work. I am pleased to be involved! ” Along with this announcement, a visual drawing by Ryo Yamada by character designer Kerora was also released.

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