‘Jurassic World New Ruler’ debuts at the top! ‘Top Gun’ is also vital in 2nd place

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US box offices were booming on the weekend of the second week of June. Universal Pictures’ Jurassic World New Ruler recorded box office revenue of $ 145 million, marking its second opening this year after Doctor Strange’s Multiverse of Madness. This dinosaur adventure movie is the third of “Jurassic World” in the six-part “Jurassic Park” series based on Michael Crichton’s novel. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, the first film in “Jurassic World.” With Steven Spielberg as executive producer, actors from the original trilogy of “Jurassic Park” such as Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum, are appearing.

Second place is Paramount’s “Top Gun His Maverick.” The weekend of the third week has been strong, with a record of $ 51 million in revenue. The aerial action dogfighter, starring Tom Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski, has earned $ 395 million, surpassing the “Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness” for $ 3 million to become the top of the year. Reach box office revenue. The average per building is also in second place at $ 12,000.

20th Century Studios’ anime “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” sank to fifth place below Universal’s anime “The Bad Guys.” Each has sales of about $ 2.5 million over the weekend. One of the top 10 mysterious moves was Stephen King’s remake of Firestarter. Jump up from 21st place to 8th place last week. The profits also jumped seven times, recording $ 833,000. This is probably because the starring Zac Efron (“The Greatest Showman”) suggested marriage on social media. The 10th place was again the Indian movie “Ante Sundharaniki,” which had a weekend revenue of $ 620,000.

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