‘Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan’ BD will be released! OP / ED non-creative version also released.

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Blu-ray will be released from the TV anime “Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan,” which is being broadcast from Monday, July 5, 2021. OP / ED non-credit Ver. Has been released on YouTube.

Receiving a significant response on Twitter, Ichijinsha and pixie co-produced the e-book service “comic POOL” “Life Lessons with Uramichi” is a comedy manga that depicts the daily life of the gymnastic brother Omoteda Uramichi (31), who appears in the educational program “Maman and Together.”

It is a remarkable work that has won numerous awards, such as the 1st place in the Web Manga category of the 3rd “Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Award” and the 1st place in the Indies category of the WEB Manga General Election 2017. Blu-ray vol.1 ~ 2, which was released this time, has been determined and determines the audio commentary recording as voice privilege, of Omoteta back road auditors to vol.1 Hiroshi Kamiya of Kida Tekijin officers out with Ken’yu Horiuchi is Appearance. Mamoru Miyano, who plays Teru Jagaike, and Nana Mizuki, who plays Shino Tadano, will appear in vol.2. Details of the contents and benefits of vol.3 and vol.4 will be released later. And on YouTube, the non-credit version of the anime opening theme “ABC Gymnastics” and the ending theme “Dream on” has been removed.

The opening theme in which the characters are comically drawn and the older brother/sister was ending theme where you can see the expression of “elementary” instead of as. Please enjoy the theme songs with different atmospheres with images. “ABC Gymnastics” and “Dream on” are being pre-delivered on each site before the release of the single on July 7 (Wednesday), so check them out as well! (C) Kuzedake / Ichijinsha / “Life Lessons with Uramichi” Production Committee

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