Yoko Hikasa and Akio Otsuka will appear! Kenji Kamiyama’s latest work “Eien no 831”

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The new feature-length anime “Eien no 831 (Hachisanichi)” directed and written by Kenji Kamiyama of “Ghost in the Shell SAC” and “Eden of the East” will be broadcast and distributed in January 2022 as a work commemorating the 30th anniversary of WOWOW’s opening. It will be done.

In addition to the three main characters that have already been announced, three new 3D visuals have been released. Additional casts such as Yoko Hikasa, Akio Otsuka, Takatsugu Awazu, Takayuki Kondo, Ryota Iwasaki, Seiichiro Yamashita, and Rei Igarashi were also announced.

“Eien no 831” is a feature-length anime set in the present age when the confusion is exceptionally high due to “an unprecedented catastrophe.” Suzushirou, a young man living in Tokyo, had a secret that no one could tell that he could stop the time around him, contrary to his thoughts. One day, Suzushirou meets a girl, Nazuna, who has the same “power.” Suzushirou finds out that she is being used for her crimes and impulsively reaches out to her.

The additional cast announced this time is Hikasa as Akina, who is the manager of the newspaper store following his father’s footsteps, Otsuka as the head of the newspaper store and Muroto, and a veteran who has been a newspaper scholarship student for 12 years. Awazu is in charge of the role of Sugoroku.

In addition, Kondo is the brother of the twins Sakata brothers who are the executives of the 831 front, Iwasaki is the younger brother of the Sakata brothers, Yamashita is the youngest member of the 831 front and the role of Donki of the execution unit, Kyoko Kagami of the current Prime Minister. Igarashi will play the role.

In addition to the main characters Suzushiro Asano (CV. Soma Saito), Nazuna Hashimoto (CV.M ・ A ・ O), Seri Agawa (CV. Kazuyuki Okitsu), all the characters and voice actors are now available. “Eternal 831”. More information will be announced one after another from the official Twitter account and official website.

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