One mystery of ‘Cotton deception’ is revealed! It wasn’t the poetry that Anime ‘Higurashi When They Cry’ Episode 5 has been told about

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This article contains the contents of the latest story. Would you mind reading it after acknowledging it?

Episode 5 of the anime “Higurashi When They Cry” was broadcast on Thursday, July 22, 2021. It was discovered that the person who was thought to be a poetry sound was “Mion Sonozaki,” and viewers continued to respond with “Is it Mion Sonozaki?” And “Mion Sonozaki is too cute.”

“Cotton deception,” which corresponds to episodes 5 to 8 of “Higurashi When They Cry,” is drawn from the perspective of Mion Sonozaki, who longs for Keiichi Maebara. In the cotton deception edition, one act was drawn in which her twin sister, Shion, inserted a lunch box for Keiichi. Still, in this episode, it becomes clear that Mion was inserting instead of Shion.

The beginning of the matter was a curry game between Keiichi and others. While competing for who can make the most delicious curry, Satoko Hojo ruins the curry they made. Thanks to that, Keiichi didn’t seem to find it in the curry, and he was hungry even after school. For him, Mion pretended to be more girlish poetry than herself and inserted a lunch box.

Mion was thanked by Keiichi and had a happy expression on her face. The viewers seemed to be very excited about the series of smiley flows, and there were a series of responses on the Internet, such as “I love the charming sound that makes the lunch box” and “Isn’t it the expression of a maiden who is completely in love?”

However, the story later develops rapidly. Witnessing Keiichi and Shion together, the jealous Mion develops Hinamizawa Syndrome. At the end of the story, please leave it to anger and strangle the poetry. I miss Mion Sonozaki, who was laughing happily.

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