Yui Ishikawa & Hiroshi Tsuchida for the additional cast of ‘Platinum End’

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It was revealed that Yui Ishikawa and Hiroshi Tsuchida would appear in the on-air TV anime “Platinum End.”

An animated version of the manga by Tsugumi Ohba (original) and Ken Obata (manga) known for “DEATH NOTE” and “Bakuman.” Tomorrow will be given “Angel Wings” and “Angel’s Arrow” by the special-grade angel Nasse (Yui Ogura). It will be involved in the battle of “God Candidates.” draw With a composition of 2 and 24 episodes, the 1st series currently being broadcast ends with 14 episodes. The 2nd series begins with 15 episodes.

At the end of the 1st series, Ishikawa will play the role of Aimi Yumiki, and Tsuchida will play the role of Masaya Hoshi in the new cast announced before the turning point of the story.

The details of the character have not been revealed, but Ishikawa said, “Yumiki, who I play, is a detective of the Metropolitan Police Department. Please look forward to how the new stars and Yumiki will be involved with the good candidates in the future!” And appeal.

Tsuchida said, “The feeling that the spine is always tingling is an imposing role, and I will be surprised even in front of the microphone.” I think. “

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