Yuka Iguchi ‘If the world is over, it’s a mother’s croquette’ Precure role decided and crying

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Three voice actors, Hana Hishikawa, Risa Shimizu, and Yuka Iguchi, will play Precure in the new anime “Delicious Party ?? Precure” (Sunday 8:30 am), broadcasting on TV Asahi from the 6th, have recently met online. Open.

Yuka Iguchi, who plays the role of Ran Hanaman, also known as Cure Yamuyam, has appeared in many of her famous works and has been active as one of the top voice actors, including her debut as a solo singer in 2013. Even so, from the first work, “Futari wa Pretty Cure,” which started broadcasting on TV Asahi on February 1, 2004, to the 19th work in the series, she is eager to appear. I revealed that.

“I’ve been auditioning for Pretty Cure many times, but I’m sure I won’t be able to audition anymore, so one day I’ll be an enemy, or I’ll improve my art more, somewhere, somehow. I wish I had been involved in the work. It was my goal as a voice actor. “

The moment she heard that she had passed the role of Cure Yamuyam, she cried.

“I’m so happy, and I’m pleased. My dream came true. Moreover, I can play such a cute yam. When I heard that I was accepted, it was like a dream, as everyone (other female voice actors) said. I screamed and cried so much. I was so happy, surprised, and impressed that it’s been a while since I’ve been so tempered.

In connection with the work keyword, “Rice is a smile,” what is the episode of delicious rice during the press conference? I got a question. Iguchi, who professes to be the youngest of the three sisters, said, “Once upon a time, the Iguchi family lived with eight people when I was little. I won’t do it. ” On top of that, “I will talk about what happened today. Of course, the rice that my grandma and mother made is delicious, but I will share everything that happened that day and talk about the school. The family is the first to consult with them, “he said. He pointed out that the dining table was not just a place to eat but a place to deepen family ties. “When you grow up, it’s difficult for everyone to get together. At that time, it’s important who you eat with and what time you spend,” he emphasized the importance of a dining table where families gather.

When asked about his favorite menu, he said, “I’m a croquette made by my mom. I’m second to none. It’s delicious. If the world ends today, what do you want to eat?” I answered immediately.

On top of that, “It doesn’t contain any special ingredients, and it’s not a special cooking method. The potatoes are lumpy, and the clothes are moderately thin, crispy, and fluffy. You can eat eight pieces a day in size. I want to eat it every day. ” And he grinned, “Even if I make it or my sister makes it, it’s just a taste.”

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