The first movie in the “Conan” series, a new visual ban has been lifted after its release

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A new visual for the animated movie “Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween”, released on April 15, has been removed. The “Sakura Visual” of Conan, Amuro, Takagi, and Sato will be standing in the falling cherry blossoms. It will be the first time in the movie series that the new visual will be lifted after it is released.

A visual, Conan, who is very active in this work, Amuro (Furuya), who shows a beautiful combination with Conan in the play, and already The appearance of Takagi & Sato, whose love pattern involving Detective Matsuda, who is a line of duty, has become a hot topic, each has a soft expression in the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Conan becomes an orchid …? Amuro becomes a member of the police academy …? Takagi & Sato are in the future each other …? It is the first time in the movie “Detective Conan” series that the ban on new visuals will be lifted after the film is released. It is finished in “Sakura Visual” with emotional and warm content. Visuals will be posted at theatres nationwide from the 29th.

The 25th movie version of “Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween” is set in Shibuya, crowded with Halloween. Rei Furuya (National Police Agency Security Bureau Security Planning Division = Rei Furuya, Black Organization = Bourbon, Detective = Toru Amuro’s triple face) hunted down the opponent of detective Jinpei Matsuda suddenly appeared. A person in a creepy costume puts a collar bomb on his neck. Conan hears from Furuya about the incident with the unidentified costume bomber “Pramya” in Shibuya three years ago. Still, he struggles to release the bomb wrapped around Furuya’s neck, but it isn’t comforting. A story targeted by the shadow and an unprecedented significant incident will occur. The love pattern between Detective Takagi and Detective Sato is also drawn.

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