BTS Jimin, 1st place in K-pop popularity voting for 84 weeks continuation of legends

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Jimin of BTS achieved a new record by breaking his form in the K-pop idol popularity voting KDOL.

According to K-dol, which ended at midnight on the 13th, Jimin received 22,277,739 hearts in the daily rankings and broke the record for the most number of daily orders with high support, taking first place for a total of 509 times.

In the weekly ranking of the second week of February, held from February 7th to 13th, it received 114,995,037 hearts and took first place, achieving its record of being number one for the longest time in the 84th week. In the monthly rankings, he is still standing alone in the Hall of Fame at No. 1 for 18 months.

Jimin, who also holds first place in cumulative votes with a total of 1.97,7358,381 hearts, swept the records by soloing the first place, including the longest daily, weekly, and monthly rankings and the highest number of votes. The overwhelming love of global fans is receiving.

On the other hand, according to the announcement by the Korean Popular Music Awards Selection Committee on the official website and YouTube channel on the 9th, BTS won ‘Song of the Year,’ ‘Musician of the Year,’ ‘ at the ’19th Korean Popular Music Awards’. In three categories, Best K-Pop – Song, Tomorrow X Together, and Down were nominated for ‘Best K-Pop – Song’ and ‘Best R&B & Soul – Album,’ respectively.

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