Naver Webtoon, BTS Super Casting outdoor advertisement released on COEX K-Pop Square

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Naver Webtoon announced on the 4th that as a super-casting campaign, an extra-large digital outdoor advertisement featuring BTS members appeared on the billboard at COEX K-Pop Square near Samseong Station in Seoul.

This digital outdoor advertisement is an extension of the super casting campaign teasers that were released sequentially from the 25th of last month, and the members of BTS seemed to be sucked into the portal of Naver Webtoon. With the addition of a directing as if coming out of the screen, you can watch the scene where BTS members reach out their hands out of the screen.

Implemented with ultra-high-definition digital technology, the storytelling of BTS members moving to the world of Naver Webtoon stimulates the curiosity of viewers.

This digital outdoor advertisement can be found at COEX K-Pop Square near Samsung Station in Seoul until the 14th.

‘7FATES: CHAKHO’ is a webtoon and web novel produced as part of ‘Supercasting’ presented in collaboration with Naver Webtoon and Hive. It is based on the original story of Hive, who collaborated with BTS. . It will be released in 10 languages ​​around the world through Naver Webtoon’s global service on the 15th.

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