‘Jim Tober’ BTS Jimin’s birthday forest ‘JM Sylvania’ creation project

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BTS Jimin’s fans started ‘Jim Tober’ as a forest creation project to commemorate Jimin’s birthday from March to October 13.

Jimin’s fans, who have been supporting his birthday every year, recently added ‘Sylvania’, which means ‘forest’ in Latin and English abbreviation of Jimin, to commemorate Jimin’s birthday on October 13, 2022, through SNS. The forest creation project was announced.

When the ‘Jimin Forest’ site in Grass Garden in Jam won District, Hangang River was confirmed, fans voluntarily carried out fundraising activities. The target of 30 million won was completed in 1 hour and 41 minutes. Preparations for the full-scale ‘Jimin+October’ festival have begun.

In 2020, fans created the Seoul Forest’ Jimin Bench Garden’ on Jimin’s birthday. Last year, it was selected for the ‘Seoul Forest Adoption Bench’ decoration event for Christmas hosted by the Seoul Green Trust, which manages Seoul Forest.

The ‘Jimin Forest’ project, which will be newly created in the Jam won district of the Han River this year, is already stimulating fans’ excitement about ‘Jim Tober’. Every year, there is a saying that ‘October is Jimin’s country’, so the birthday month in October is the most colourful and large-scale festival in the fandom. Expectations are rising this year as large-scale projects are taking place in Korea and around the world.

In particular, support last year had a significant impact on the revitalization of the local economy due to the explosive consumption phenomenon. Through the project to wrap the entire outer wall of the Common Ground in Konkuk University Station, which was extended longer than initially planned, and the ‘Jimin Theme Street’ in Myeong-dong, Seoul, which was implemented for the first time as a celebrity, the hot spots in Seoul were coloured with Jimin, causing a big topic.

In addition, ‘Jimin’s exclusive theme plane’, which was created in partnership with Jeju Air, was operated for three months and attracted a lot of attention from fans and domestic and foreign media. In the United States, with the strong recommendation of the New York branch, Jimin’s entire route has been opened, and unprecedented birthday celebrations have been held, such as an event with unimaginable influence that divides the skies of New York and Australia.

In response, American Hallyu media Allkpop said, “Jimin is famous for his record-breaking surprise birthday project,” and mentioned various supports that transformed the world into ‘Jimin Land’. At the same time, “This year’s Jimin’s birthday gift will be fascinating in itself, and it will come from the forest.”

On the other hand, BTS, to which Jimin belongs, left for the United States to attend the 64th Grammy Awards and a Las Vegas concert on the 28th, and Jimin is expected to raise the status of ‘Jimin + America’.

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