‘After school excitement’ Myung Hyeong-SEO VS Kim Ri-won, the semi-final battle begins in earnest

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MBC’s ‘After School Excitement,’ which will be broadcast at 11 pm on the 20th, pre-released a part of the semi-final video ahead of the 11th broadcast. The challenge group B, who won the last broadcast, will compete with the trainees in the debut group one-on-one to catch the attention of K-pop fans.

Trainee Myung Hyeong-SEO, a 4th grader in the challenge group, and Kim Ri-won, a 2nd grader in the debut group, competed with Twice’s ‘Feel Special.’ The song was selected by trainee Kim Ri-won, who was in the debut group, and she said, “It was a song I was very confident about, and the dance was a dance that could save the line, so I might have a chance to win.” Immediately after the song was released, the trainee also said, “I wanted to do a song with a message,” boosting the expectations for this stage.

Then, the two trainees each entered the midterm evaluation. 4th-grade trainee Myung Hyeong-SEO perfectly understood the lyrics and expressed sympathy with the viewers by telling the lyrics one by one. (G) I-DLE’s Soyeon also praised, saying, “I think I am the person who can express (this song) the best.” In addition, she advised trainee Myung Hyeong-SEO, “I think it would be better if you sing it while thinking about what you’ve been through, rather than trying to flirt with a pretty smile.”

2nd-year trainee Gimri-won criticized her homeroom teacher, Kwon Yu-ri (Girls’ Generation Yuri), saying, “There’s nothing memorable about her,” even though she tried to show the fragility of the intro and the dance that made use of her unique line. Heard On her rehearsal stage that followed, the trainee Gimri Won also made K-pop fans feel sorry for her struggling figure. Teachers pointed out to her Gimli One trainee, “heavier than necessary and more chic than necessary,” and she sang and choreographed herself to advise to her final ‘I feel special’ lyrics.

After hearing the positive comments and advice from their homeroom teachers, trainees Myeong-SEO in 4th grade and Ri-won Kim in 2nd grade presented a stage by interpreting Twice’s ‘Feel Special’ with their colors, and what kind of stage was created with the performances of the two trainees? Attention is paid to what will happen.

On the other hand, the 11th episode of ‘After School Excitement,’ where the semi-final takes place, will be aired simultaneously on MBC and Naver NOW.

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