BTS Jin ranked 1st in Japan’s K-Pop Juice Idol Popularity Ranking Daily

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BTS Jin showed his extreme popularity by taking first place in the daily voting rankings in the Japanese ‘KPOP JUICE’ idol popularity ranking.

‘KPOP JUICE’ is a popular ranking site in Japan that handles K-pop idol voting, YouTube, and Twitter.

K-Pop Juice announced through its official Twitter account and homepage that Jin took first place in the K-pop Daily Votes Ranking as of the 14th.

Jin is showing great popularity in K-Pop Juice, receiving a total of 728,904 votes so far.

She also said that Jin’s and her YouTube view rankings were number 1 among seven members of BTS for 24 days in a row from January 21 to February 13.

In Japan, Jin is called ‘Crystal Voice’ for his unique clear voice and is loved by many people.

Every time Jin is revealed on a broadcast, it is becoming a hot topic, such as asking the Japanese public who has seen BTS for the first time with their unrivaled beauty, perfect life, and sweet tone.

Jin’s first solo OST, ‘Yours,’ was released on the 9th in Japan as a ‘High-resolution’ version and immediately took first place on all music sites, setting an all-kill record.

This result includes the top two music service market shares in Japan.

‘High-resolution’ audio is the industry’s high-quality standard established by the Japan Audio Association and the Japan Electronic Information Technology Industry Association.

‘Yours’ ranked first in the high-resolution daily single chart of the Japanese music site ‘RECochoku’ on February 9, ‘Mora”s ‘High-resolution’ ranked first in the latest single chart, and Onkyo Music ( e-Onkyo music) topped the singles chart, proving the extreme power of sound sources.

Jin’s ‘Yours’ is the first K-pop song released as ‘High-resolution’ to achieve all-kill on the Japanese music charts.

Allkpop of the US focused on Jin’s outstanding ability as an artist and mighty sound source power through an article titled “BTS Jin’s ‘Yours’ was the first K-pop to achieve an all-kill on the Japanese music charts.” The US Cloud News (Clout News) Also reported the news through an article titled, “BTS Jin’s OST ‘Yours’ Japan All-Kill, ‘Japan Is Yours’ is a trend.”

The tvN drama ‘Mt. Jirisan’ OST ‘Yours’ is leading a hot global response as soon as it is released on platforms worldwide with Jin’s overwhelming skills like the nickname ‘Vocal King,’ a solid honey voice, and excellent song interpretation ability.

Jin’s ‘Yours’ debuted at #2 on the ‘recochok, recochoku Daily Single chart’ and has the highest-ranking record in the history of BTS’ solo project and the first Korean OST to enter the second place on the single daily chart.

‘Yours’ is a Korean solo song released on iTunes in Japan at 2 am on November 24, 21st, and achieved the No. He also wrote the history of a Korean OST that took the top spot in the shortest period.

In addition, ‘Yours’ is the first Korean OST and the first Korean solo to be ranked #1 on ‘Best Sellers Song’ and #1 on ‘Hot New Releases’ on ‘Amazon’ in Japan. The song holds the record.
It also holds the record of the first Korean OST to enter the top spot on the Billboard Japan Download Chart in Japan.

‘Yours’ is continuing its popularity march, ranking first for 29 days in Japan’s ‘Top 200 Chart’ of Shazam, a global music search platform.

This excellent record was achieved even more thanks to the fact that Jin’s ‘Yours’ was completed in Japan (November 24, last year), where the sound source was released later than other countries, and in the world’s second-largest music market even before the release date of the sound source without any promotions. It is attracting attention, and this great popularity is also reflected in the voting rankings of K-Pop Juice.

Meanwhile, Jin broke PSY’s ‘GANGNAM STYLE’ record with her self-composed song ‘SUPER TUNA’ and became the first K-Pop solo to top the world’s YouTube music charts for 16 days. became a singer

‘Super tuna’ is currently in a global syndrome, with dance challenges continuing not only in Japan but also around the world, after about two months of its announcement, and the craze for gin and super tuna is also revealed in the YouTube ranking of K-pop juice.

Meanwhile, on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart-weekly on February 19, 2022, released by Billboard on the 16th of Korean time, Jin’s ‘Yours’ ranked 7th.

As a result, ‘Yours’ charted in the chart for 14 weeks and charted in the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart for nine weeks, making it the longest-running Korean song in the Top 10.

Jin’s self-composed song ‘Super Tuna’ peaked at number 12, and Jin also holds the record for being the first Korean solo singer with two of her solo songs to enter the chart for more than ten weeks.

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