Girls Planet 999′ Finals Girls’ Charm Analysis, Who Are the 9 Debuts?

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‘Girls Planet 999’ Who are the 9 girls who will debut through

Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999: Girls’ War’ (after this ‘Girls Planet 999’), which contains the challenges of 99 girls who dream of becoming a global K-pop girl group, is scheduled for the last live broadcast October 22 at 8 pm. Before the final contest, we took a look at the unique charms of the 18 girls who will be on the final stage.

The killing part is me! Xiao-Ting

Shen Xiao-Ting took first place in the TOP9 twice in a row at the survival announcement ceremony. Xiaoting Shen, who performed the killing part neatly on the stages of ‘How You Like That’ and ‘Bam,’ is loved for her striking visuals, hard work at everything, and skills.

Real all-rounder Kim Da

Yeon, who took 2nd place in TOP9 last week with a steep rise in the ranking, perfectly digests all fields from vocals to dance and takes on the leader of the ‘Ice Cream’ team in the second mission and making all the team members stand out. He demonstrates outstanding leadership by leading the unity between the team and the team.

Perfect performance fairy Mashiro Sakamoto Mashiro, who

Currently ranks first in the J group, shows a quiet, charismatic leader. Not only is he a leader who puts the team first, but he is also a performance fairy of victory that shows a stable performance enough to earn benefits in every mission.

Effortless stage genius Hikaru Ezaki

Ezaki Hikaru is fully immersed in the song for every mission, demonstrating 200% of his abilities. He exudes charisma on stage by showing moves that make use of his points, but offstage, and he shows off the charm of a reversal with a baby-like appearance suitable for an 18-year-old.

Babyface’s eldest member Choi Yu-jin

She received the attention of fans worldwide and occupied the highest rating scene since her first appearance. Choi Yoo-jin, who shows outstanding performance in every mission with her stable vocal and dance skills, exudes various charms, from the eldest sister leading the younger brothers to the cute appearance of the youngest.

Healing Smile Yurina Kawaguchi

From Boa to TWICE, Yurina Kawaguchi has been a K-POP fan since childhood, showing her clear and refreshing voice and soft smile, as well as her growing appearance with every mission. With a smile that makes people who see it feel good, it is supported by global fans.

Pure voice Shana Nonaka Nonaka Shana is exuding a

Quirky and cute charm as much as her ability to improve over time. With a clear voice and a warm heart to comfort fellow participants, he also provides healing to viewers.

Pu Yaning, acute, strong older sister

They showed charisma that has overwhelmed the stage since her first appearance. Unlike the stage, she is showing an anti-war beauty with a soft heart and cute appearance. We are looking forward to Fu Yaning’s leap forward, even for the sake of the younger sisters who are having a hard time with the strong sister force.

Performance master Seo Young-eun

Seo Young-eun plays a vital role among the girls at the crossroads of competition and survival in every episode with a lively appearance. I wonder if Seo Young-eun, who has been reborn as a performance craftsman by continuing to fulfill her role after taking a snow stamp on the stage of ‘Hero’ before the search, can debut as a global girl group.

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