BTS Jin’s ‘Abyss’ appeared in the Japanese high school dance team music video fans’ interest

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The cover of BTS’ Jin’s ‘Abyss’ appeared in the music video of the Japanese high school dance team.

The cover art of Jin’s solo song ‘Abyss’ was used in the music video for the dance team of the Hokusei Girls who participated in ‘Dance One Project 21’, which was conducted against Japanese high school dance teams.

The dance team from Hokusei Girls’ High School performed a performance that felt anxiety, wandering, willpower, and energy to move forward in line with the song ‘Guncheong’ (群?) by ‘YOASOBI’ in the school shoe closet, classroom, auditorium, art gallery, and rooftop.

Akane, the judge, said, “I was surprised at the perfect quality. It’s cool because he expresses it well with his whole body.”

Among them, the album cover of Jin’s ‘Abyss’ appeared in the form of one of the participants drawing a picture of ‘Abyss.’

The appearance of the album cover of ‘Abyss’ proves the extraordinary popularity of BTS and Jin in Japan.

On the other hand, ‘Abyss’ is a self-composed song that honestly expresses the inner feelings Jin felt during burnout in front of fans for the first time and is loved by fans.

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