BTS Jungkook, Asian solo singer ‘shortest’ Spotify follower Over 570,000 followers in 24 hours…Global influence power

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BTS Jungkook showed off the power of global musical influence by setting a new record of achieving the ‘shortest’ follower of an Asian solo singer on Spotify.

Recently, American entertainment media ‘allkpop’ reported that BTS’ Jungkook set the record for the most followed Asian soloist on Spotify for 24 hours.

As soon as Jungkook opened his account on Spotify, the media reported that he had 573,410 followers and became the most followed Asian soloist on Spotify for 24 hours.

In addition, the media added admiration, saying, “Jungkook is breaking records one by one,” adding that Jungkook’s single ‘Stay Alive’ recorded more than 1 million monthly listeners in one day.

The World Music Awards (WMA), called Europe’s Billboard, also reported through SNS that Jungkook had the most ‘573,410’ followers on Spotify in 24 hours.

As of the 18th, Jungkook’s Spotify account had over 800,000 followers.

Previously, Jungkook surpassed 1.5 million followers on Spotify’s playlist as the ‘first’ Korean artist. This was the highest number of followers among Korean artists’ playlists, not groups, and gave a glimpse of Jungkook’s considerable influence on Spotify.

Jungkook has shared his musical taste by recommending songs of various genres to fans and steadily presenting about 50 pieces.

In addition, Jungkook has solidified the titles of ‘Trusted and Hearing Jungkook,’ ‘Trusted and Hearing Vocal,’ and ‘Trusted and Hearing Singer’ while proving his abilities as a singer-songwriter and musical spectrum with a variety of songs regardless of genre.

Jungkook’s records set by Spotify, the world’s No. 1 player in music market share, prove the global position of ‘Trusted and Listening Jungkook,’ which fascinates listeners across the globe beyond fans.

Jungkook’s solo song Euphoria surpassed 325 million streams on Spotify as a Korean male solo song ‘first.’

Meanwhile, in the current ‘February 3rd Week, Male Singer Category Brand Power Ranking Voting’, BTS Jungkook received 2,560 votes from fans who loved Jungkook as of 9:36 a.m. on the 18th, placing 32nd out of 116 male singers. is being recorded

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