BTS Jin, Yours 57th Day Spotify Korea Top 200 Popularity Cruise

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BTS’ Jin’s ‘Yours’ continues to be popular with its powerful superpower on the Spotify Korea ‘Top 200’ chart.

Jin’s first solo OST ‘Yours’ is cruising in popularity by maintaining the chart for 57 days on the ‘Top 200’ chart of Spotify Korea, the world’s largest music platform.

‘Yours’ entered 6th place on the Spotify Korea ‘Top 200’ chart at the same time as the sound source was released on November 7 last year and maintained the top chart as of January 2, proving Jin’s powerful sound source power as a soloist.

In addition, it is the 43rd day (as of January 2) on the ‘Top 50′ chart, recording the most extended charting period among BTS’ solo songs, and three solo songs (Moon) on the Spotify Korea ‘Top 200’ chart for the first time as a BTS member. , Epiphany, Yours) also created a record.

On the 31st, American entertainment media allkpop published an article titled “Yours” by Jin, who recorded a solo song by BTS that stayed in the top 50 for the longest time on Spotify Korea.

The media reported that ‘BTS Jin’s ‘Yours’ is setting a new milestone in the music industry and creating a sensation with Korean OSTs worldwide, including the US, Japan, and the UK.’

He also praised Jin’s dazzling capability and charm as a solo singer, saying, ‘Yours is not only the most successful Korean OST in history, but Jin’s flawless vocal skills and incredible voice proved himself to be a great OST singer.

Indian media ‘Pink Villa’ also reported that ‘Yours,’ the OST is sung by Jin, achieved a new record on the Spotify Korea Top 50 chart.

The media reported in detail about Jin’s Spotify record, saying that ‘Jin’s OST ‘Yours’ is a beautiful gift to ARMY and at the same time continues to set new milestones in the music industry, creating a sensation around the world.

Notably, ‘Jin is setting records with the ‘Super Tuna’ challenge and ‘Yours,’ ‘Jin has successfully added another title: ‘Worldwide Record Maker”.

Jin’s ‘Yours’ debuted at No. 45 on the Spotify ‘Global Chart’ for the first time in a Korean OST, setting the highest score among all Korean OSTs.

On Japanese Spotify’s ‘Weekly Viral Chart TOP50’, she ranked 2nd for two weeks in a row, becoming the only Korean solo song to enter TOP2.

‘Yours’ also shows off Jin’s global solo music power by occupying the top spots such as Japan and Panama on the ‘Spotify Viral Top 50 Chart’ in countries around the world.

Jin proves her strong brand power and popularity with her first solo OST ‘Yours’ and her self-composed song ‘Super Tuna,’ demonstrating her solid position as a solo singer and global popularity.

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