British education media focused on BTS’ alma mater Global Cyber University.

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Korea’s Global Cyber ​​University, which is called ‘BTS University’ in foreign countries, has been spotlighted in the UK’s educational media.

‘Study International,’ a British education site that provides information on the world’s leading higher education institutions and has 86 million cumulative visitors, is titled ‘The university where the next BTS is made.’ Global Cyber ​​University in Korea was introduced.

Study International’ presented at the beginning of the article, “Global Cyber ​​University is one of Korea’s newest and most innovative universities” at the beginning of the article. It is known for communicating with the world and helping every student reach their full potential.”

In particular, he said, “We are providing students with various opportunities through a flexible educational system that allows them to attend classes regardless of time and place and a network of faculty members working in the entertainment industry.” The excellence of the entertainment department’s curriculum was also presented as an advantage.

Global Cyber ​​University is much more famous overseas as a ‘BTS university’ than in Korea. As many as 6 out of 7 BTS members who are giving emotional shock to the global village are from this university, and not only the Broadcasting Entertainment Department, where the most significant number of K-pop artists in Korea have graduated or enrolled but also various cultural-related departments such as media content creation and oriental studies. It is a leading Hallyu university with

As reported by the British education media this time, Global Cyber ​​University has been receiving love calls from foreign universities such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and India, while cyber universities are rapidly emerging as one of the future universities as the boundary between online and offline education is breaking down due to COVID-19. It received attention as a leading K-education university.

Hindustan Institute of Technology in India and Binus University in Indonesia, which participated as foreign universities in the ‘2021 Future Society Education Conference’ held last year as the most extensive educational forum held last year, are universities that have introduced the model of credit exchange and K-distance education cooperation with Global Cyber ​​University. drew attention as

In the case of the Hindustan Institute of Technology, a famous engineering university in India, after an agreement with Global Cyber ​​University, Indian university students decided to grant credits for a 3-credit distance course called ‘Brain Education Meditation: Stress Management and Self-Competence Enhancement.’

As a leading Korean wave university, the Korean National History and Culture Park are located on the main campus of Cheonan, and the Seoul Learning Center located in Apgujeong operates ‘Popcorn’ and the Global K-Pop Promotion Center.

Another competitive edge of Global Cyber ​​University is that it has a system for nurturing experts in brain utilization for each life cycle based on the academicization of brain education. Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree courses in brain education in brain utilization in the 21st century were established for the first time in the world.

Global Cyber ​​University, which declared the vision of ‘K-Minerva University’ for the first time in a domestic university, is creating a model that combines 20 years of Korean cyber university know-how, Korea’s Hallyu culture, which has emerged as a new cultural powerhouse in the 21st century, and new human resource development assets.

This year, in preparation for the age of artificial intelligence, it is enhancing its competitiveness with a differentiated direction of a leading university in human technology’, a human-centered technology that will lead to natural intelligence.

Global Cyber ​​University President Lee Seung-heon has been operating since the school’s founding as a founding philosophy of cultivating Hongik human beings in the hope that Global Cyber ​​University will become a truly global university that contributes to the planet and human society rather than just staying as a university in Korea.

‘Study International’ also said about the university’s educational philosophy, “At the foundation of all of this is a deep respect for the Korean music and media scene that has taken the world by storm. Global Cyber ​​University is sincerely committed to producing students who not only pursue success but also have the ability to share the cultural influence of Korea with the rest of the world.”

In the final part of the introduction to the university, he said, “Overall, Global Cyber ​​University is an exciting school for future rising stars to study. It may have been foreseen that the majority of BTS members chose Global Cyber ​​University and headed for success due to the combination of flexibility, innovation, and youth.”

Global Cyber ​​University is currently studying △ Social Welfare △ Counseling Psychology △ Brain-based Emotion Coaching △ Meditation Therapy △ Sports Health △ Brain Education △ Brain Cognitive Training △ AI Convergence Department △ Broadcast Entertainment △ Media Content Creation △ Practical English There are a total of 14 departments, △ Convergence Management △ One-person Entrepreneurship Management △ Oriental Department. By February 15th, new transfer students for the 2022 academic year are being recruited.

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