BTS Jungkook, YouTube ‘most searches’ this year, K-pop male idol No. 1 ‘K-pop popularity strongest’

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BTS Jungkook proved once again the superpower of ‘Social King’ by ranking 1st in YouTube’s ‘most searched’ K-pop male idols in 2021.

Recently, K-pop Starz, an American K-pop media, reported on the top 10 K-pop male idols most searched for on YouTube as of 2021. In addition, Indonesian media Celebritalk reported the top 50 most searched K-pop male idols on YouTube in 2021. LINE TODAY reported the ten most searched K-pop male idols on YouTube.

According to the media, the most searched K-pop male idol on YouTube was BTS Jungkook.

YouTube posts that it is considered an accurate measure of how popular K-pop idols are, and the most searched K-pop male idol on YouTube this year is BTS’ Jungkook, ‘K-Pop Stars’ reported. He also introduced that Jungkook always scores high on the ‘Most Searched’ list and is considered one of the most famous names in BTS.

Celebrity Talk also said that Google and YouTube’s search analysis would be the most objective and accurate way to evaluate an idol’s popularity. It announced the most searched K-pop male idols on YouTube from No.

This year, Line Today posted that the most searched male K-pop idol on YouTube is BTS Jungkook, which proves his popularity. In addition, he explained that Jungkook’s movements in live broadcasting and all activities make the ARMYs go crazy, and he emphasized that due to Jungkook’s overwhelming popularity, explosive attention is being paid to his every move.

Previously, from 2016 to 2020, Jungkook held the record for the most searched K-pop idol on YouTube for ‘5 consecutive years from 2016 to 2020 and is continuing the race as the most unstoppable and unstoppable K-pop popularity powerhouse.

Jungkook ranked first in the world’s largest search engine Google for the most searched K-pop idols for “five years in a row,” ranked first in “Korea’s most retweeted people” in 2017 and 2018 on Twitter. In 2019 “worldwide” 1st place in ‘Most Retweeted Tweet,’ 2nd in ‘World’s Most Retweeted Tweet’ in 2020, Most searched K-pop idol in US, UK, and Canada on ‘Pinterest’ for three years on Tumblr It is sweeping the thrones of various social media that have many users around the world, including the number one K-pop star in a row (2018-2020). The number one personal person hashtag hits worldwide on TikTok.

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